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Don’t Run, Step Out Of Time.

A thousand goose stepping people. All goose stepping as one. One goose stepper stepping out Of time… Lookit that son-of-a-gun! What is he thinking?! Izzie inna daze?! Doesn’t buddy understand He’s wrecking the parade? Oh… he’s with the next group?!  

See The Outside From Insight

This wool is not a thread but it Will wind up on a bed As a mattress cover. This thread is not a sheet but as A hood, that thread will keep A Grand Wizard’s name secret. It’s just a thread… That hood, it must stay hidden and For that, they need trees willing To […]

Whom Thought It Was A Right Idea

You work too hard. You drink too much. You don’t do this Or such and such. You are an asshole. And you don’t know it. You squinting eyeballs And making moaning. They like, they hate you and Even mama Could not get you. On their good books With you-your looks, Shoulda died in prison…  

The Notches Of Love

Everytime her pie hole flapped He would carve another notch. And every notch was piled up The last one was a gotcha! It split their bark. Turned their love light dark It left a mark… The marks joined up til They formed some words They were tough to make out Then the main marker heard […]

Ya You Know Me Karma

He said there’s only so much internet. And you’re taking up alot. We replied the only internet we used Is the internet we bought. We own it. It’s ours. And if we want the internet To travel in our kar… We shall have the internet! And we will drive it far!

Hello Revealer

You can’t act natural Cause you’re not. There’s a great big screen for fake And you’re caught In it, so you struggle. You wiggle. You point. Ya, you don’t say here piggy, But you oink. They get it. Your message. They’re guessing You’re address is: Hurtsville. In Harmtown. And you’re afraid We’ll burn down Your […]

If You Must Eat Shit, Make It Tough.

You’ve got a damn good reason to complain But you don’t. You could whine and bitch about your pain But you won’t. Because that pain builds muscle. Which is needed for any hustle Through the hurtin’ shat storm called life. Life ain’t always plight but If you ain’t got it right It spanks both day […]

The Power Of No Thing

Underarms don’t stink because The owners of them think About today, who maybe drinks From the dankest, hairy sink? And then they drop a little color In the water. The table’s set for someone, Perhaps you. The clerk waits to serve someone, Could be you. The lottery spoiled someone. The gunman shot at someone. The […]

Only You Can Prevent Random

When this light flashed two times, He touched that. When that bar spun like this, He tapped that. Then a chime would sound and He’d turn around and There he found a young man Had brought cashola. It was time for holy moly! Now he was in casholi! But feed the lights he must. Feed […]

They Took The Smartest Ones First

They grabbed him by his Ipad. Dashed his brains out on a website. He’d sleep the sleep of the undead. And he starts this big sleep tonight. He got a rupture in his noggin. He clapped when the others clapped. He’d repeat way to go bud! And he too, slapped their backs. Flew that flag […]

Never Not Being Fooled

World War One wasn’t world war one. World War Two was War Two Thousand. Human noses used to plough sand. Sand that won’t even stay around ‘Til tomorrow. So save that sorrow and Look above the beach. Its within your reach. To see through their speech. When they lay their wreaths That they ain’t paid […]

Whoa Motherfucker! They Said To Me!

They always said whoa to me. They said; Whoa behind my back. Said whoa, Without us, You’re facked. Said we ain’t helpin’ none You’re cracked. Said go ahead jumpin’ to it, You’re backed. Said I ain’t leave no trace. I ain’t need no base. Said me? I am yo face! Said you, I can’t displace […]

If You Turn Sixty

You better watch your mouth Cause shit heads south In a heartbeat. No retreat, In defeat. Cause you’ll meet A monster. It’s you sir. Or mad dam. You had ’em. But what’s that? You’ve had enough? Now you talk tough or Maybe, for you, It’s nap time.    

Once You Learn To Spot A Bag Pilot

See that thing You can’t unsee. Wherever you look, There it be. Occasionally wishing you Did not see it. That’d be freedom! To not see them. And not be one… The flashes fade. If you behave… Keep your blinds drawn. With what you sawn. Sure don’t belong. On your front lawn. Better not project it.