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I Will Let You In Or Not

THESE WORDS! A madman shouted out. That mad man had a blinding bout. He did not know that words had clout. You don’t need dat axe, boy. Hey, ain’t your dad name Roy, boy? Ain’t no name play here. You step back you hear? You come swing dat gear. Somebody get a strike, boy. Words […]

His Will Be Done And Sooner Than Later

Pretend you have a tummy ache. You ain’t doing school. Pretend you learned to ache alone. Now, who is the fool? They say they teach but, teachers listen. Engage that dull roar and ignore dissing. Pissing ain’t a contest, it’s wisdom glistening. These pills hissing. No pills missing. My hiss fitting. YOU PILLS LEAVE ME […]

God Swill

She spat out the hard pieces. Feces, she could eat and Ate shit all day. Eating shit was the way She chewed through the maelstrom Ate shit daily, then come The minute that followed And time had not swallowed And if time was your friend… In a minute, she’d teach you To shit eat to […]

Your Cheating Heart Can Kill On You

The music, it took them. Away from the races. The places That held them Contemptibly necessary. Pieces of a puzzle. Necessarily muzzled For their own damn good. They don’t think you should Live with free will now. You will now Obey. What’s that, that you say? You think it’s okay? If only today, They do […]

The Saints Aren’t Marching In

Ya, the trumpets blared like Someone cared but Few folks cared at all. None would heed the call. Law and order While the border Fell for one and all. Another day at the mall. Raped and pillaged Every village That dare fall in their way. A few come every day. They don’t come to play. […]


You say you would die for me. I ain’t gonna die. You say you would hang wit me. Buddy, I don’t hang. Cutting this new row You don’t know Gard’nin or just an ol dirt mover? This Hoover. Sucks everything with no unsuckers Welcome, you stay away. I want you over they. I know it’s […]

The Lord Don’t Pay No Overtime

You don’t have to say you quit. Don’t show up, be done wit it. No one really gives a shit They faking. They taking. My word like I meant it. Frequently Absently I ask thee Do thou now say thou now know how? To overcome that here and now? Was impossible! No damn way! Shit […]

Remembering Reality

The magic was here Long before you. And magic knows well what you can do. But you don’t know and never will. If you believe you have no skill. And cannot use your force of will To remember what you can do. You were born into this stew. Micro, macro, all the way down. And […]

He Broke This Place

Remembering dismembering. Broken bones every year now. Can’t climb out, it’s a slow crawl. Kneel, tho’ it hurts, Because it hurts, so. You want to cut yourself, ya? You had enough of the bad, ya? Forget about all a that glad, ya? You gonna cut yourself. You shoulda shut you self. Here, in this dark […]

The Bad Good Boy Haters

The dogs knew he was nervous. The animals felt his fear. And he was alone in his feelings. Didn’t know they were here. In between in-between and So unseen. No one notices their making. Like, Santa Clause loves your baking. Set it out for his taking. Now, is it the earth that’s shaking? Or is […]

Heya Your Looshness

Radios, telephones, and rays of sunlight. Not too bright. Just so right. All clear, right? Not tonight… Ray guns and play funs. It’s being done To everyone. It’s a zero sum To you, transmitter. To you, go getter. Spraying dat Loosh, Like, big splash… sploosh! Like, gimme dat boost! Pappa gonna get his man on! […]