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god I’d Love To Fight You Right Now

Buddy didn’t like a guy or two Sayin’ like him or maybe you too Maybe just doing what people do They swim swarms with the fishes. Buddy just doing them dishes. Watch a waitress collapse Cause dooofus an ass. An they didn’t take this in school. Buddy, he ain’t no fool. Keep your mouth shut […]

Two Dudes Doing It

One guy said to another guy. Yo dude, you want to do it? Ya guy said. You okay? Bra. We, already did it! We did?! He said. Feeling that dread. W did, and me, I wasn’t.

Stay Human. Stay!

The aliens are a tricky bunch. They work facts and we work hunches. They love loosh, live it a bunch. Want a little war with your pain? Doesn’t it seem insane? Connect the dots and See just how they got us. Baby it’s reining pain!

Fifty-Two Factoral

No idea he was both knees deep. Wading through a shit storm Whirlwind creep Like nobody noticed We are freaks And sandbars are unmarked here.


Handcuffed god I’m glad I watched that vid. Cracked up here in this blur it Musta rocked someone sees that I bin Captured going down in this Shit storm in a big form. So forewarned We drain stormed And, buddy, we cleaned them out. Mister you have no doubt. We rocked them hard.

The Mayor Of Skewed

You think you know Bill Bailey. You think you know… You don’t know shit Bill Bailey. You don’t know shit. And yet you guess Bill Bailey. And yet you guess… But you don’t track them Billy. You don’t track your guesses. Which leads to messes, Billy. Huge fucking messes! Billy! Ya, you make guesses Billy. […]

Oh Mife Uck Did I Stop Myself

He was going to come unglued. A state they were accustomed too. Because Buddy did. Like a little kid. Sniffled and whined. Toked and dined. On the People’s dime. Sorry, little fuck. Your jig is up anda Takes great luck Which you don’t have. Lova bitter salve. Gimme tasta half… Don’t believe in karma? That […]

Four By Four Missing

No nail. No hammer. No toolbelt too. No saw. No sawhorse. No carpenter too. No wire. No fuse. No soldering too. No music. No lightshow. No happiness boo! No courage. No strength. No fortitude you. No matter. No worry. We know what to do… No crying. No swearing. No struggling you. You sit down. You […]

Stay Fucked Off, One Of One.

Well we said this and we said that. Circumstances change Bud, that’s a fact. You go ahead, there ain’t no back. You’ll get it right in a minute. Feels like hell once you’re in it. But you can get out. No needa shout. Or flail about It’s just a wet sack Punch through it.

The End Of Touching Flagsticks

You hit the ball then I hit the ball then Billy Bob Smith winds up his driver Straight down the fairway and Stuck in your airway a Yay! For today You remember that round in September When life was so tender We touched and embraced and revealed Our humanity but Dammit he Thought now that’s […]

When Your Neighbor Hates You And You Can’t Move

So when you walk too fast past the neighbor’s house, he attacks you. If you happen to glance when the neighbor is glancing, he’ll throw shit right in your eyes. You’ll get cataracts if you’re lucky. And the couple of times the neighbor’s woke you up in the middle of the night by stabbing you […]

We Was In The Shit Until That Fan Came Along

Handshake deals. Buddy wouldn’t dare. One cough ina room. Stankin up the air. Currency nowhere. Ain’t no buttons there. No more sneezes. Praying Jesus. Please now save us. Not WHO gave us Motherfucking disease.

Make Everywhere Else Great Again

A shitstorm. When it’s norm. You conform. You have to… Running on your knees. Isn’t such a breeze. Soon, you asking please… Let me up. That’s enough. No more rough. I give in.

NPC Spotting

They look but don’t see. And boy do they get angry! Flip you off. Poison your dog. Cut you off, try to Pass, road hog. Talk too loud and smell too good. Similar dress to trailer park hood. Got no sense even tho they should. They got accreditation!

Give Les Fox This Year

Trembling. Shaking. Mad with anger. Fucking hang her! Fuck him too! What dey do?! Come out some zoo?! Don’t you shit where you eat! Shit here on the street, Where everyone sees you And what you do… Because you are Les Fox.

Know Thyself By Les Fox

His fingers wanted to graze his nose. Right after they scratched his arse. His index twiched as his nose signalled gold. His eyes cleared the space and in due course A calamity of horking, gagging and farting. Snot bundling, shit staining, spit dangling on long whiskers. And long lines of well wishers Who know you […]

The End Of Corruption

Equal is not equal. Not as equal as could be. And freedom isn’t freedom until Some folks are not free. Cause freedom cannot be Something truly free. Wake up, it’s time a make monaayuh!

Proper Reconciliation

You hug each other A bit too long Your best face forward Nothing wrong With talking ’bout the future. And what it holds. No one wants to relive Those daze of old. Feelings into action. Thoughtful in your moves. Scratchin’ out the past. Maken new grooves. Sing a new song. Nuthin from the blues. Pull […]

Trouble Is, Trouble Is Your Middle Name.

Ya, you don’t know and You won’t go ahead And look behind it. No, you would rather grind it. Shave a little here, a little there. A pinky weight onna scale. Who cares?! Fo’ sho’ not you. That won’t do. So? Boo hoo… Expect it.

Les Fox Talks Shit

If you find you don’t like something. Wash it away. Flush it away. Spray it down high pressure hose. Aim the aych too oh, it goes. Body odor? Stinky arse? Smell like a rode hard put away horse? Flood that shit away. And dishes do not stay In the dishwasher.

Adding That Shit Smell

Roses are red. Shit is brown. Get confused. Stank on clown.

A Fun Tide Raises All Fun Tides

The boss smiles at you. You smile back. Huh, you think. That ain’t whack. Smile in traffic. All way back. Smile spreads in you. That ain’t whack. Smile flies to wife. Cat and kids. Smile flaps elbows. Tickles ribs. Daylight softens. Smothers stress. Breathing easy. Smiles are blessed.

Opinion Blindness

It’s sundowners son. The evening’s begun. You’re in for some fun It’s undone now. Fret and you fumble. All that you mumble. Under your breath. East facing West. Failing the test. But you are the best You can muster?

The Slack Collector

Call on buddy. He’ll help out. Buddy knows what shit’s about. Gets shit done. Right down to it. Never says we’re done, we blew it. Plodding, plotting. Every day. Outcomes bend to see his way. It’s okay. In the frey. Dude sees all from here.

The Sympathy Fiend

I’m not good. How bout you? Don’t you think we’re getting screwed? Holy cow, they screw us over! We ignore and onward soldier March like marching Made things better. But it takes more Than one go-getter. Let them cry. The old bed wetters. Grumbling tumblers. Second guessors. You have sealed your fate!

Creativity Wound

Please don’t heal. Bleed me out. Splash my splatter all about. Stay you now infected. God please help it spread. Use me up so totally I never will be dead.

The Present That Was

We’re half an hour out. Two weeks away. Bin three years since you did say I’m tired of waiting. What we waiting for? You moved some way so Now you are not waiting. Now you be debating. Which is the way to go? Because you do not know. Cause the time has passed. Just like […]

Life Is Like A Wheelchair

Maybe you don’t understand Just how crippled you are… When you wish upon that star… Sure, the star takes you away but Not too far. Not today. But… a little glass of whiskey. Couple cold beers. Whisk away all dreadful fears. Tomorrow blames your low set bar And whispers hey, what about your star?

Say Hello To Les Fox

You gave a shit. Too many shits. Tried to make all shit fits stick. But they’re too thick. They move too slick. You’ll get sick And tired.

A Loser’s Job

They could not find it. It wouldn’t be found. Searched everywhere but It was gone. Touched his hands. Set somewhere. Looked that place. Was not there. Disappeared. Clearly vanished. Likely banished. To a place far away from here. Loser…