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The Mayor Of Skewed

You think you know Bill Bailey. You think you know… You don’t know shit Bill Bailey. You don’t know shit. And yet you guess Bill Bailey. And yet you guess… But you don’t track them Billy. You don’t track your guesses. Which leads to messes, Billy. Huge fucking messes! Billy! Ya, you make guesses Billy. […]

No Go Popo

You don’t call nine one one To get help from anyone The mother told her son One truthful morn. The kid, he had been born To a mom with loads of scorn. For the Popo’s tootin’ horn. Oh, they were this and that. Which was mostly crap Cause they were just good at Fooling, and […]

Visit Your Past Like A Personal Cemetery

  Please be a fucking idiot. A retard and a sloth. Be the worst of the worst. A stink-bomb with shoes. From there you shouldn’t get lost. Grunt when you think about old you. Cringe when you re-live that stank. Savor the fact that you washed off that shit. Think of someone you must thank. […]

Cry Standing

  The dreams were driving. Driving her mad. Vision got twisted. Shit got bad. Worse damn time she ever had. ‘Til now… Barry