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In This Body-Bag You’re The Zipper

They think you’re dead. Gurgle if you’re not. Cause if you don’t The beggars won’t Do shit. They’ll leave you zipped up tight.

The Fucking Disgusting Catholic Church

Oh, you better have a favorite color. You better like a certain dee-sign-or. You better take whatever you can Cause you ain’t a’gettin’ anymore. Wear some shiny robes. Drink from shiny globes. Put ’em on their knees. Read ’em your decrees. Give ’em justa bitta hope. Get too much, you show ’em nope! Sing and […]

Love As An Invention

Love, you can make up. But try it, You cannot make up luck. You can’t build steam. You shan’t force dreams. Can’t stop schemes. Nor hold main beams. Nor end all screams For justice. No, love, you must invent.    

Set Yer Automaton To Eighty Percent

You shake when you see them cops boy. Cramp when a muscle says cramp. Sweat like it’s raining if somebody Mention work. Stop lifting shit cause you can’t. Grunt when you need to, With a pie hole shut. Make a clasp of hands So you don’t tut tut. Leave all robots running Just tune ’em […]

Yo Painshun Ain’t No Fun

Brother, you on the big slide. You denied That you fried Yo chances Like ants in Yo pants an Dey bite man! You run man But de ants, man, dey stay. Dey say okay. It’s a brand new day. Let’s walk this way. To which you say Okay. Let’s play!  

Come In Small. Go Out Big.

You were a thought, Then an action. That action got traction, You came through this tunnel And crept toward the light. You gave them a fright and You squealed with delight. You had made it alright! Now for the plight of Living so right that That righteousness rubs off. And you’re always getting caught With […]

Upon Realizing Your Trap, Stay Calm, Relax.

You went for the easy food! Stepped on that switch. Life came on in on you. Son-of-a-bitch! You hurt your snout a bit. Tryin’ to break free. But you are not snarling now. Lease not at me. I got your back boy. When I need to, I carry. You along for the ride but Do […]

Petting Sharks

A memory is fine. It can help you unwind The troubles encountered yesterday. The good stuff, You can add to. But when you add up the bad, too. The total Will no doubt Change how you feel about Adding more good or bad To your pile.  

Not Bad Is Not Good

There were parallel universes. Side by each. One be the road. One be the deetch. One take you somewhere. One hit approach. One lead to many roads. One lead to ouch. One is okay. One is not bad. ‘Til aye hit approach. Aye runnin’ side by sad.