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You Can Be Someone Else

I wish I wish I wish I was Someone else not just because Someone else is better than me Or someone else can better see The faults and talent I can’t see. Tho evident to them Not me. And so I pray One day to be That someone else I too, can be.

You Would

Dude shuffles into your waiting room. He’s hurting. Hurt bad. You’d say, sir, take a number… Ain’t ya heard we’re shorta staff?! Lady says – this mistake’s yours. ‘Nen you get down on cloven hoved fours, And CHARGE BITCH! you say, Mistake? Ya made a big one! Now you get some come up ants And doesn’t […]

If Yer Piss Is Toxic, Don’t Drink It.

Watch that bullshat coming out of your mouth. Some of it gets in your ears. To get that bullshat cleaned back out, Can take years and years and years. Eat your words slowly and swallow them well. Spit ’em out curiously in the stories you tell. Tell the same stories over and over but Call […]

Not Bad Is Not Good

There were parallel universes. Side by each. One be the road. One be the deetch. One take you somewhere. One hit approach. One lead to many roads. One lead to ouch. One is okay. One is not bad. ‘Til aye hit approach. Aye runnin’ side by sad.  

Talking Senseemeelian

Squeek and scratch and point by ear. They want you to go right here. But they don’t say so. So you don’t dare go. Now that they know Ya hear ’em.    

Obviously A Major Malfunction

Just moved his eyes. Kept his neck to himself. Wouldn’t look up nor Look down. Steps? Couldn’t do them. They hurt his back. Couldn’t see depth and pally When you miss that You don’t see the below Nor the above At makes your middle.  

The Idea Viruses Came With Stockholm Syndrome

DON’T GO TO SLEEP! A little thought said. Thing was so tiny Rollin’ round in his head. Said you can’t go to sleep. You’ll suffocate dead. Your sinus suggests You’ll not enjoy bed. Stop thinking! Stop imagining! Stop stopping! Stop! Stop! But you can’t stop, now can you… Or is it the virus you caught? […]

The Lazy Handler Of Ivan’s

Ivan, he works only when he has to. And he has to a lot. ‘Cause mice and ducks and prairie chickens They want to be caught. By Ivan. Sleepy Ivan. With a full food bowl you ought naught. But the you that’s you can’t stop. Barry

Ah, Mister Brown.

What the fuck! What the fuck! How’ma get mahself right  outa this muck? Maybe by huck. Maybe by cruck. Gonna git mah self out Doan y’all look. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

After Games What?

Somebody’s playing on Saturday. Playin’ on Sunday too. Playin’ on the players whom are Playin’ on the players. Kinda like players do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Before You Step Out In Fronta That Train

No need to kill all of you. One or two will do. Cause if I get rid of those two mees. More room for me too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Reign Of Self

Show them how to listen. Listen and watch and learn. Show them how to enjoy the sun Without suffering a bad sunburn. Show them how the wind sets sails. Show them how the wind can gale. Let them frolic in a friendly gust then Show them there’s a time to bail. Let ’em play at […]

Trumpety Dumpy Off A Clintonesque Wall

I hate to report on the weather. It don’t look good for the Weakened. They’re sick and fed up. Tired of their lot. Looking for alternative stipend. Good you say go. No mama ho. But you still full Of their groceries. U think a bit. U made from shit. God shit,  your Dada,  who cares? […]

The Happy Arse’nist

Light that smile. Start that hug. Splash around love and Don’t think of The cost of it or if It will spread. Stir your embers ‘fore Your fire goes dead. Then in your head let It be said that Love’s no bed Of roses. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Entanglement Large

She got herself mixed up in shit. A loop-de-loop with a little twist. A cord wrapped around a nothing knob A no step step to the gravity god. A trip to Terra Firma Flailing, jiggling blob. Of curious, about to hurt, flesh. Why life? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Lips Must Be Twisted Specifically Or Ain’ta Gonna Make No Whistle

Shoot all day long. Take breaks, shoot again. Maka lotsa noise. Cause silence pain. Cause you don’t aim. Gonna be shootin’ tomorrow. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Beggar Got So Good At Fillin’ Other People’s Shoes He Couldn’t Even Fill His Own

See Joey takes shit to heart. Some shit tears Joey apart. Joey worries about it ya Joey’d love to say Ta Da! Just friggin’ with you all Joey’s here to take the fall An mama don’t you call I’ll call you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

On The Only Day Slewfoot Could Come, The Bloody Road Was Closed!

Someone wants your number called. Someone wants your spot in line. Someone thinks your spot placement Better than theirs. In your spot life is fine. Soo fine! From full whine to soo fine… They want some! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

The Circle Will Stay Broke Until You Realize It’s Broken

What comes around goes around. But not on time. It comes around what it goes around, Always on time. Thank you, friend. Barry out.