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On With The Show, This Is IT!

Buddy woke up Sitting in his chair. Well, it wasn’t his chair but he was there. There in a chair in a room so bare That the hair On his neck noticed too. Nothing he could do. Buddy strapped in for The show to begin And it did tho it showed only one. One scary […]

Please Bro Don’t B Rate Me!

The beast had a number. And the beast had his. He wondered ’bout his number And what his number is. The beast would never tell him. But diners, trains and shops, When they saw his number Mostly said they’d call the cops! If buddy didn’t vacate, And vacate pretty soon, When those whom bring their […]

When God Stopped Working And It Didn’t Get Hot

The hands had risen Or stayed down by each side. And two great nations from The same side collide. Smitten by minds which Had been fried. Yes, fries with that and To combat Any thoughts of resistance Give ’em all suspense Living in past tense Tomorrow be a hot one. As she comes undone. Walls […]

Your Smile. Please Send It.

You’ll Be Backwards Going

You popped right and shit yourself. And you cried like a baby. You slept all day like a sucky tit. You were a rukus and I don’t mean maybe. We had to monitor you. Listen and watch. Thought stuff happened But we never caught ya Sneaking out at night. We knew that wasn’t right. Cause […]

Bribes Work Because The Bribed Won’t

Ain’t no sum-in fer nuthin’. Even nothin’ coss sum-in If ya gotta pick it up. Or point it out. No, that ain’t free. Takes energy. An energy don’t come from me It’s a thing I bring from outside. Where me and it, we collide. And we make sum-in. And maybe do sum-in. And whatever that […]

The Mind Comes From Yang. A.I. Comes From Yin.

Ats why A.I. will never be conscious. But it’ll come dang close doh!

A Rising Tide Sinks Many Ships

  The barnacles, Bill. The barnacles will Carve us a hole. A hole that will Hit us in our gullets and Our gullets will bend us and Our unbendables. Our unbendables, Bill! Barry  

Don’t Count Yer Downfalls Before They’ve Fallen

He set the table for no one to eat. They were everyone gonna get beat At cards. He made the rules which was only no rules. He would wind ’em up slippin’ on booze. Then one by one, friendly, he’d use Them. Course they didn’t see it. If they did, they couldn’t be it. This […]

Rehabilitation Complete

Sumbitch was a model prisoner. He ain’t take nor make no shit. Added two and two and try as he do, Could never get five from it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Free Is Costing Me

Could’ja give me something mister? This shit was never said. The thought of getting without giving Never entered any head. But then one day was read: Edward Bernays said; Give them daily bread! Keep curiosity fed. Sick ‘ em up in bed. They owe us now! How much? HOLY COW! From now on get them […]

Serious Gaming

See it. See it. See the Seestem. See it’s bottom. See it’s top. See where it begins. And stops. See? You’re outside now. Where you want to be? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How Assholes Cope

Jesus Christ people are stupid. They’re stupid and ignorant And ignorant of being stupid And oh how that works for the assholes! They glare at you meanly. Gesture obscenely. Say nope so serenely. Just like you mattered. Right after they’ve shattered Your dreams about ladders And climbing to the top. Asshole says stop and You […]

Fucking Rights Werewolves Exist!

He licked his chops. Then her chops. Then his. Motherfucker can lick my balls. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Wee Thing You Lift

Can’t be yourself you say. Not there now anyway. Tell me who paved the way To this destination? Oh no, it couldn’t be you! That sure damn isn’t who You are or even who Would have a halfast clue Who runs your circus! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Mostly What He Brought Out Was Their Dead

Makin’ or breakin’? Was what he’d ask and Dude really wanted to Collapse his blast because He wasn’t makin’ And only takin and Takin without Makin’ can’t last. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Cost Of Wisdom Is Utter Stupidity

Maybe you were born smart. Smarten up, you never heard. Maybe born with your mistakes made. Maybe never a discouraging word. Or maybe you were born a fuckup. Maybe you fucked up was all you heard. And maybe you broke shit so easily, What’s the big why about your word? Eye, slowing down the breakage, […]

Jesus Christ! He Had Lionel’s Genes!

Wear your loafers sole side down. Plant your feet in hallowed ground. Scream through the ages Without sound. Watch the originator will be found, Not in heaven but snuggly bound, In your shoes. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Real World Isn’t

A wretched life is waiting for you. Full of skinned knees and Holy shoes. Full of that’s stupid and So are you. Full of big dreams made of No can do. Full of mirages and Stepped in goo. Full of too much To quietly sneak through. Full of illusions with The joke on you. Thank […]

Proud To Be No Go Joe

Dude wasn’t moving. Don’t you cross his mind. You will ignite a shit storm pal. One you can’t unwind. Mister Still Undefined. The neighbors say It couldn’t be him. Dude was so damn kind. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Replace Habits With See Stems

You didn’t do it. It wasn’t you. You were asleep, ya? Couldna been you! You’re not like that. That ain’t how you think. That would only happen After too much to drink. And what do you think…? Ima souse?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

It Wasn’t A Circle Of Life, It Was A Goddamn C!

Sweet Jesus living is good The second time around. When you’re not immersed in the good fight Calmly sitting down. Caress today’s plucked grapes. Imagine their sweet juice. Future altered state. Truly hanging loose. Arrest your yap, Let consciousness nap and Fill in the whole. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The SonofaPupster Bust His Soul Wide Open!

Oh you’re waiting to see me are you? Well, look here, look here and here. And if you find me, let me know. I wonder where I go… Sometimes. And I wonder if it’s me going… Sometimes. So if you see me, I’d like to know. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Contents Not As Described

The closest they Is a long way away From the furthest far away you. At the edge you see them Waving like they know you And you want to know you too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.        

My Lord One Of Him Was Crazy

When I’m me I sometimes feel stupid. Not for me but another me. The me that gets drunk and spills our beans. Same as every Israeli. (without the booze) Thank you, friend. Barry out.

With The Mights He Shared His Body

Maybe tomorrow no carnivore. Maybe later take a break. Maybe someone never notice the Promises they break. Or the toll that it takes. The shit cookies it bakes. The life at gets all faked. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Livin’ At Inn Considerate

You move your lips. You offer tips. Off-handed quips. But I know this, Advice does piss You off. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Lawdy Open Up Dem Good Luck Taps

This road he hoed. Knowed where it goed. Like he’d been told A thousand times. Be a good boy, boy. Like chips ahoy! Be careful yoi, Fall doon. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Really Good Days Added Eight Percent. Without ‘Em, Ninety-eight.

Ninety-eight percent of Three-sixty-five leaves A whole damn week A year to shit down Someone’s neck and Walk around with a frown. For the other Three-fifty-eight Be great. And party hardy hearty! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Entanglement Large

She got herself mixed up in shit. A loop-de-loop with a little twist. A cord wrapped around a nothing knob A no step step to the gravity god. A trip to Terra Firma Flailing, jiggling blob. Of curious, about to hurt, flesh. Why life? Thank you, friend. Barry out.