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They Have Swarm Intelligence And You Don’t

Your enemies are plotting your demise. They are fed up with your poorly crafted lies. Your legs had better work or your disguise Of being crippled but Victim hip though Could come crashing to an end, doh! Upsetting all your apple carts, Would that be wise? Find your third man and Stick with him. Visit Stockholm […]

Manufacturing Reality

Her hair was not that color And she knew it. She brunetted. He had to write shit down or He’d forget it. Who’d forget it? She knew that he was wrong but She said she’d go along because She was the partner strong And man, he knew it. He thought she likely bought The fact […]

Choose Your Chaos Or Your Chaos Will Chose You

  You’ll not do it! Organized you… Point the direction of every shoe. You’ll not do it! It will drive you and You’ll be forced to Boil inside, You will stew and How else you gonna Do it? Organized you… That place where the rubber meets the road? Rubber placed by fast stops and fast […]

When You’re Too Much For Just One Person

  You must come to your senses. They will not come to you! You must look and look again and look again. And look again. And look again real hard while praying… Praying real hard you find ’em! Barry  

No, I Ain’t Suffer From The Common Code.

If you can navigate the middle of a circus, And not become a clown. You might be a leader, Or already be a clown. Barry

Hang Ten On Your Own Wave

You sleep, eat and shit. Maybe not in that order. You’re you today then Tomorrow crossing borders. A father, a mother. A Kid growing up. Living out cycles that Never, ever stop. See them. Be them. And know Them all up. Then you ride your cycles To the Toppy, top, top! Thank you, friend. Barry […]

When I Can’t Touch You

Heaven exists. Inside mind. Wanna go to heaven See what you find? Heaven don’t mind. There’s room. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Where You Live Matters

Now. Now you live here. Now. Now you live here. Now. Where are you living? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Wee Thing You Lift

Can’t be yourself you say. Not there now anyway. Tell me who paved the way To this destination? Oh no, it couldn’t be you! That sure damn isn’t who You are or even who Would have a halfast clue Who runs your circus! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Mama, Please Don’t Say That Shit Again.

Repeat away like the past never happened And everyone’s lost their mind. Mama you say shit over and over but Mama I think that’s fine. You were dead and Then I said If you return then let me burn In hell if ever I hurt you. Mama, you’re a gift and I Give a tinker’s […]

Hector The Collector

This guy picked up life. Carried it place to place. Whenever he could he smacked his lips and Took him a little taste. Hola that taste was grace! He hoisted that flag seven damn daze Every way from Sunday. Every day was won day to Hector the collector. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Keep A Bit Out

He went one arm deep. Just one arm deep. Even through culture’s creep. Gott-em one arm deep. He fought sometimes to keep Keep most of them asleep And only one arm deep. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Where Fans Be There Be Shit

Nothing needs a balance. Some rep near the tipping point. Cause when nothing bowls you over Topsy turvy rocks the joint. It won’t be gotten. A knowing gone rotten. So verboten. It hurts. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Cringeworthy C’MON!

Ha! Look at the doof! Stupid doof in a cage. Why’nt you act your age? Victorian not new age. How really much of a sage Are you? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Minds Changed In Two Damn Minutes. Get In Line Over Here.

Your house. Is not your house. ( skip your taxes and you will see ) Your body. Is not your body. ( hearts attack humans mercilessly ) You mind. Is not your mind. ( belongs to your attention which you give away free ) Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Get Passion Nate

Workin’ pass ten. Ain’t gettin’ paid. Can’t stop now. Too afraid. To fail at somein’ ats loved. Thank you, friend. Barry out.