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Then The Lord Spoke And He Used My Mouth

God don’t own no car. He needs yours. God ain’t drankin’ beers Less you pour. God ain’t make no babies No procreatin’ with the ladies No if, ands, buts or maybe’s Less through your. Existence is the proof. The only proof you need. Listen through the noise for love and God’s words you will heed. […]

Oh My God Entanglement!

  Trip you, the bastard. The bastard will. Slip you on a step and Spill your swill. Catch your hole on a handle knob. Drop shit on you ’til you sob Why me bitch?! Let me be! Let me live entanglement free! Then you’d touch nada. Nada touch you. You go back to sleeping soon. […]

Hear Don’t Wanna But Act On It Not

  Self discipline is a nasty row. A row to be hoed by one. The row caves in just as fast as it’s dug Like the row was never begun. There’s no row, they say Looking around. There’s no row and there is no one. No one can do it. It can’t be done. You […]

Life Flows Backwards

Feel that stream. Lean on into it. Swim like hell. Like you give a shit. Then give’r shit. Bite hard on it. Leave a mark on it. Make your message fit No distance. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Where You Live Matters

Now. Now you live here. Now. Now you live here. Now. Where are you living? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Maybe Don’t Take This As A Threat

The wasps they told the bumble bees. Told the ants and dragon flies too. Told spiders, flies and fungus gnats. ‘Parrently everybody knew. Hello. Who is this? This is you. Loudnclear. Thank you, friend. Barry out.