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You’re Only Right Now

Correct, select. You bet you are right. You might be right if Only for one night. Like the moon has it’s Own light, only for one night. The sun, of a gun, is not so bright. You can fight what is right But only slightly. Because nightly. The moon shines brightly And you sir, have […]

When All Your Shit Adds Up

Looking the other way. How is that okay? You swear an oath. You speak in code. The bad man rode beside you. Was blue but not the true blue. It’s not a color but a cover For some. The badge as a power for good Is done. The people don’t believe they’re here to serve, […]

To Roll Before Da Punches

Look if shit is headed your way. You can’t stay the same way. You will wonder What the hey? While someone eats your lunch say Two times in a row. First a wicked low blow. Waitin’ fo’ your Oh No! Hopin’ at you don’t show. So they ‘n say they tole ya so. But they […]

Garbage Collector Addicts

She couldn’t pass by a yard sale. Useless shit had her name on it. Too gooda deals… With her name… Written all over that shit. Didn’t have room for it. Squeezed her out bit by bit. Shit over here. Shit over there. Gettin’ marked up cause The storers don’t care. They got their own shit. […]

Life Can Pile Up Around You Or It Can Add Up

You there in the middle. Making miles from muddle. You see things from the inside Looking out. You could be the outside. Running through the muddles. You could really enjoy Splashing about. Run through the sprinkler screaming. Stay up all night scheming. Understand you’re dreaming. It’s a ride you’re on. In the middle – no […]

The Satan Of Mice Is Cats

Ivan you take my breath away But that’s okay cause I’ll turn This way and you won’t Get into my body just One Ivan hair at a time. Ivan.

I Got Insurance Sucker! What I Need You?!

Fractionalization. One good idea at a time. Hyper loop. Seeya. Barry The Temptations – Ball of Confusion

Fourteen Hour Workday Still Leave Ten A Do Nuttin’

Don’t know what you complainin’ ’bout. Sleeping ain’t alive. You got nuthin’ else a do Give a man yer life. You ain’t a usin’ it. Nothin’s what you’ll do. You ain’t toilin’ fer da man. Ain’t nuthin’ happen, true? Barry  

Intelligence, Your Mom And Daddy Made. Persistence Is Yours Alone.

  You don’t have to stop when they say stop. You don’t have to quit when they’re all done. The towel is yours to throw in or not throw in, You don’t have to walk when you must run. Their dreams aren’t your dreams if you don’t want them. Their truths ain’t your truths unless […]

Your Icing Is Real

There’s cake and you are eating it. What flavor do you got? Ain’t what you want then keep on munchin’. More cake will be brought. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Black Food

Mowgy is an odor like Old, wet socks. Mowgy don’t smell okay. Mowgy turns a down nose A little up. Mowgy makes a person say… Ugh! Don’t eat that! Throw it away! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

In The Beginning, There Was Santa.

Ain’t the name of the playground. Got monkeybars or not. Call shit like it really is. Don’t make us make you caught. Thinkin’ us all your thoughts. Fillin’ Santa’s sack with fraught. Brother I’s you I’d not. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Scoundrel Be Thy Name

Brother, you know couches. Sofas and Lazy Boys. Brother, you’ve supped more sea than fish. Brother, and big boy toys. You slam. You hollar. Spend mom’s last dollar. Never off the teat. So now you beat Yourself and your lovers Up. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Crazy Can’t Be Outcrazied

Unreasonable was their language. Riddles were how they spoke. To strangers they sounded funny. To them it was code for no joke. Fools would suffer on their own time. Jerks would yank their own chain. Here you couldn’t smoke your tires on ice. Here was a place for unsane. They gain. The same. Mounta pain. […]

See, Our Brains Hada Buncha Control Rods And One Of Those Rods Was Songs.

Oh say can you see? No, you can’t. ‘Cause your mouth is wide open, Ears lyrically closed then Thinking heads south at speed anthem. Erect and don’t waver. Better yet, raise a lighter. Or sup on your share of contemptment. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Eye, To Put The Truth In Pop Music…

Ten billion times. Like Justin Bieber does. Justin rocks the world. Justa bad boy scrapin’ fuzz. Off his cheeks and flapping fitties Fo’ a fuy dollah happy pack. An doan git hooked ona fitties yo, Justin got hisself a big ol’ stack. An we’ll have no talk of philosophy. ‘Bout who be you an who […]

Oblivion, Where Art Thou?

Sure I can reach the highest high From right here on the ground. And I can die without a why At least not one I’ve found. So then I live this second life. Like I’ve been born again. And yet I know my birthday not And I cannot say just when To cut or bake […]

Life Flows Backwards

Feel that stream. Lean on into it. Swim like hell. Like you give a shit. Then give’r shit. Bite hard on it. Leave a mark on it. Make your message fit No distance. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wood Ticks Need Three Blood Hosts. How Many Hosts You Need?

He worked on other people. Shit was out there and There wasn’t lotsa Time for him to Care about his man. Him man. Shit was out there. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Never Want To Meet Your Maker

Who cares who made your underwear?! Or skidmark remover gel? And whomever invented parking meters Isn’t damned all ways to hell. A million creations serve us every day Yet seldom do we ever hear the everyman say, Thank you creator, for working your clay! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Passport Please

He was born in Pain and that’s Where he lived. Happy as you can be in Pain. People there were so similar Ask’em, they’d say the same. They gripe and grumble and Seldom ever stumble where Pain just might be slain. They’d rather suffer and see you suffer. With a yummy frosting of complain. Thank […]

A Hobby Of Mental Illness

She laughed and cried. Whether baked or fried. Then honestly lied About How hard she tried To keep it all inside But the monster… It sneaks out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Fuck You I Make Mistakes

You have a hobby. It’s called denying. This ain’t about you. Deny…? Like lying?! I must be joking. I’m fucking joking. Ya better say you’re joking! Right fucking NOW! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lawdy Let My Goodness Clean The Shit From My Fan

How come I gotta be the nice guy? When shitters shit on me why lord why? I play safe when they don’t even try. They frown down on my bright blue sky. Will I live on in heaven while in hell they fry? I. Fucking. Doubt it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Red To Go

Purple meant death if you Ain’t royalty. Black was reserved for Pirate types so You would agree To be boarded pal cause don’t you know We’re at sea? White means giving up when Hoisted high in a breeze. Blue means soon to be hoisted so that You’ll be free To wear your colors. Thank you, […]

Some Love Crosses Minds Not Lips

Every day I think of you. Wonder how you are. How are your kids? How’s your life? Man you are so far… So far like me Bryce. I love you mister. Dad out.  

The SonofaPupster Bust His Soul Wide Open!

Oh you’re waiting to see me are you? Well, look here, look here and here. And if you find me, let me know. I wonder where I go… Sometimes. And I wonder if it’s me going… Sometimes. So if you see me, I’d like to know. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Mama Said Boy, Ya Don’t Pay You Earn Attention.

They were seeing blind. Hearing nothing. Going nowhere. Faster ‘n faster. A dollar to use the toilet. No paper. Thank you, friend. Barry out.