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No Skipping Grade Death

Buddy was a good cadiver man. Saw him in half, see what you can. Where his heart should be… Cast iron pan. No wonder the blades of Departed are dull! Grinding a heart that hard is hell! Even to people that knew him well. Said Buddy had a heavy heart. Said Buddy just played the […]

Jesus Would Shit His Pants

That fight ‘tween good and evil. The fight won’t stop but we will. Right in our tracks. Satan got our backs. Going there as somebody. Coming back no one. Good Dog chewin’ that too good bone. Fighting for a too good home. When really it’s the damn big loan. That keeps all of us going […]

When You’re Wrong And You’re Really Wrong

Dimwit, you lit A fuse that Won’t be unlit. You ain’t fit. See to it You dipshit Your head comes right out of your arse.

Tough To Extrapolate A Bat From A Ball But Ain’t No Game Without It

The game is to figure out It’s a game. Here a game. There a game and Games is on between them. What cha gonna do then? Generate a problem? Doncha find it odd then? Cannon food, aplaud them! They put on this show!

I Got Insurance Sucker! What I Need You?!

Fractionalization. One good idea at a time. Hyper loop. Seeya. Barry The Temptations – Ball of Confusion

Fourteen Hour Workday Still Leave Ten A Do Nuttin’

Don’t know what you complainin’ ’bout. Sleeping ain’t alive. You got nuthin’ else a do Give a man yer life. You ain’t a usin’ it. Nothin’s what you’ll do. You ain’t toilin’ fer da man. Ain’t nuthin’ happen, true? Barry  

If The Earth Is Turning, We Pay. If The Multiverse Turns, We Earn.

One color don’t cut it. One shape won’t work. Buddy thinks I’ll listen but He’s the jerk Who said I have to. I got no choice. Ima leave his goddamn clan. He ain’t noice. Barry  

You Can’t Be Yourself Until You Imagine Whom You Are

  Save your imagination. Not for a rainy day. Save your imagination or It will blow away. Another breeze will take it. Swirl it unto it’s own. Soon your imagination Will have completely blown Off course. You won’t be able to find it. Hell, you won’t even look. You won’t notice it missing Or identify […]

A Reactor With Your Name On It

  Don’t you dare mention Fukushima. Fukushima… Fukushima! Shut your trap about Fukushima! Radiation. Cancer Clinics. Say it’s the flu. Say it’s a cold. Put that Fukushima shit on hold! Barry   Japan Already Nuked North Korea Just Ask Toshiba