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That’s Not How Wars Are Fought

The headline hit him like a ton of bricks. You are not in uniform, you gotta be sick. Sick if you think you can win this alone. Sick if you think you can fight from your home. Better change your tone. Quell a little groan. Losing the battle of words.

Praise Be To The Gibberish Tree

Are you fucking kidding? What did you hear? That made you dear To ideas so damn crazy? Buddy, are you hazy? It’s a big damn storm You’re so forlorn A breeze blow you away. Buddy don’t stray. Says hey let’s play! And we do, so starts this game.

They Don’t Come From The Front

These creeps. These creeping reaps. These won’t leave you be Cause you plainly see Tomorrow filled with shitstorm, Don’t adjourn We are breaking free…


Stings like heaven On a sunburned day. Feels like a feeling He can’t say. All he hopes is The feeling don’t fade He’s got a deep down hunger. A yearning so bad he wonders Could this be real? Is it okay to feel So much joy When you know Oh boy! This is gonna hurt […]

Fifty-Two Factoral

No idea he was both knees deep. Wading through a shit storm Whirlwind creep Like nobody noticed We are freaks And sandbars are unmarked here.

He Said Don’t Call Me Boy Boy

Confused, he was And not because There was no way else to be. He could but would not see. There was shit afoot And it did not look good Like right now was hooded In the cloak of history Iced with mystery Of why shit is like it is. Maybe he got no biz. Asking […]

We Come In Crying

Or get smacked if we don’t.

Time Killers

Never before saw a never before And shit hit more than fan. Bent because it can. Don’t end where began. It’s a big damn deal Even if you feel It’s not. It’s all good, yay!

God Save The King

Only two guys in the wheelhouse. Driving us by the stars. Hollering lines of longitude And orbital direction to Mars. What?! Take a hike to Hollywood? Where nobody lives for certain? Maybe pull back that curtain? See that viscosity In the hostility And how it creeps so slow? See where it’s gonna flow? Maybe you […]

Forever Alone But Wait No

He was by himself. They were, too. Friends for sure but not close to Each other, the other Was only words. And noises heard from A shiny, flat teller. Where the heller? Is it now, because, He was lost! That thing cost His whole life! That’s right! Living in a missing flat thing.

A Mass Formation Deserter

Shot him point blank. His name was Frank. Bro of old Yella Hair. But Yella couldn’t care Cause Yella wasn’t there He wasn’t Yella Hair When he weren’t there. He was in The Nethers. The Oh Whatevers. Miles, a million miles From Little Bighorn. No, Yella’s forlorn. See, Yella’s met his maker. That Yella haired […]

They Had A Big Light

So bright the fright That any light shadowed The dark to come. Like light had come undone. Broke into only one. One avenue broke into two. Like two is just enough.

On With The Show, This Is IT!

Buddy woke up Sitting in his chair. Well, it wasn’t his chair but he was there. There in a chair in a room so bare That the hair On his neck noticed too. Nothing he could do. Buddy strapped in for The show to begin And it did tho it showed only one. One scary […]

A Real Bad Case Of Alone Sickness

He hollered LEAVE ME BE! There was no one to see Who or what was bugging him. It wasn’t out buggery. More inner thuggery. Thoughts beat his brain. A wee bit insane. Nothing to gain By compliance. But reliance. Reliance on the new God. Thinking was the old job. His new God will now think […]

Your Two Big Convoys

Real ugly green On some big trucks. Blue, red and black trucks Give no fucks. They see a problem We be hobblin Us, if we don’t act fast. Don’t think about the past. We believe in You deceiving The sleeping just awakened.

War Sweet War

It was a battle all right. Each and every night His moral code took flight. It flew right outa sight. Dove through the bleakest plight, But it was still alright, Cause they were winning.

They Do

They can drop the water From the sky. They can dry a teardrop from your eye. They can burn you out. They can make you fry. They can create fear. They can make you cry. Don’t you wonder why They do?

Civil Society Actors

On the six o’clock news. His work buddy’s views. Opinions he will choose What to think. Take a drink Of the koolaid. Hey look pally, they made Your favorite flavour! So come on bud, savor What you want, What you flaunt, And you know it.

The Unconscious Addict

Fuck, buddy was ripped. Flipped right over to an ill equipped, Can’t help out cause he don’t know shit. And he don’t know he don’t know shit. Sheeit. Buddy had enough of it. Gonna be a good man. Big man. Grand slam. Buddy bringin’ home Dat Bacon. Sept now the bringin’ takes achin’. Something like […]

And Breath As Sweet As Meth

Jesus loves a good neighbor. Buddy watch my wife. Shows her that he’s watching and How to hold a knife. Knew it wasn’t right But Circumstances and want advances He hadda go to work. She stayed near that jerk. So he partied with him Beers and fire, Drinks and a sweet hoot Whose the wiser? […]

There’s A Very Good Chance There’s None

There was rigging in the game. What? You didn’t see it?! It is not the friggin same. You didn’t hear the lie flip? They’re playing us like marks. That dog that doesn’t bark, then Ignites shreds igniting dread. So now you’re paying attention! But still you will not mention, Someone shat your pants.

The ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Loosh Buffet

Oh, it was NICE! Have a lip smacking slice Piece of cake don’t think twice Just fill your plate. Oooh, the hate! Pain so great! They took the bait and Look, they made some anger and guilt! The sores that they built! Sorrow heavenly high And praise to that pie! Brimming with Oh God Why?! […]

Saw Monsters Dressed Like Human

A boy ran over his grand ma-ma. Fetched his horse an he ran her down. A boy ran over his grand ma-ma. He was a boy, a boy… a boy. A son struck his father in an arr-gu-ment. It was a family fight. Neither man was right. It was a son who hit his father […]