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When Someone Kicks You In The Cpanel

Not your car. Not your home. No money in any bank. You are not in Rome. You? You are alone. Alone with your devices, Where asking to be nice is Kinda self defeating. Those dee-vices be bleeding Their “own-ers” kinda dry. The owners don’t think why. Cause tattlers give no shits. Tattlers just spy.

Buddy’s Oh Kay

He’s got a little gig. A gig on the side. One inch deep and two miles wide. Long as the nosies And him don’t collide. They stay where nosies stay Dude stays where he is. Appendage stuck where it ought not Their loss is their biz. That shit doesn’t fiz The gig master.

Raising Cain

Would not listen and would not Would not. We caught Shit from the get-go. Even though We were simply bystanders. Outlanders In this stream of reason. In this hurtful season. We suffer quietly Even tho he Mutters to us. Urging us To think like him. Without a whim To buddy’s absent knowledge.

God Save The King

Only two guys in the wheelhouse. Driving us by the stars. Hollering lines of longitude And orbital direction to Mars. What?! Take a hike to Hollywood? Where nobody lives for certain? Maybe pull back that curtain? See that viscosity In the hostility And how it creeps so slow? See where it’s gonna flow? Maybe you […]

They Could Freeze His Account Filled With Ice

His money was in the pocket Of another pocket owner. He thought he had some assets But what he had were only loaners. His house was not his own errr, His car, he was the donor Of insurance and just by chance, Oil and gas and not so fast… You need a license, too. You […]

Lord Ah See A Train A’Comin’

Well enough doesn’t work for long. They won’t leave well enough alone. Well enough won’t stay where it’s not wanted. Well enough is never less than home. But, blinded by their faith. The faceless could not wait. Manned them every gait. No wellness would abate These faceless had a date With destiny. Blessed to be. […]

Yer Many Pressure Switches

Switch throwers. Switch hitters. Angry people that will not switch. Oh, those bitches that bitch and bitch. Make you want to wrangle them and Hear them twitch. They are the pressure, they throw the switch. Crying ’til society Scratch their itch.

To Scheme The Impossible Dream

Bias rips through these old veins. Vision blinkered, curiosity tamed. Any definition already mamed. I know who you are. Words don’t go that far. I see you see not what I see. You’ll never be free of What I think of thee. And that’s what needs adjustment.

Come In Small. Go Out Big.

You were a thought, Then an action. That action got traction, You came through this tunnel And crept toward the light. You gave them a fright and You squealed with delight. You had made it alright! Now for the plight of Living so right that That righteousness rubs off. And you’re always getting caught With […]

You Sheeft?

Circumstances change. You change. They do, you don’t. Be rearranged & Rash ready.

Wind Up Less Often

Fast or slow. You’ll get there. Happy or sad. Life don’t care. You pay your toll But beware… You can pay too much.

Nobody Saying No Good? Let That Be A Warning!

Mama said keep yo’ pie hole shut When you ain’t got good to say. I thought, Mama, at’s plain wrong. Sayin’ good only makes us prey. We foller and obey. What ‘er the hucksters say. Then they lead us astray Still nobody say We sure effed up today! No… we go our merry way. Nobody […]

You Can’t Spin Your Wheels And Keep Your Plates Spinning Too

One plate balanced on a stick Is tough enough. To keep on that stick. Two plates on two sticks and See how much you bit Off and there’s no time cause Here comes plate number three! These plates don’t see. You can’t do three! Who would believe… You will do more. Way more than four…

Frustration Baked In

Every fucking red light. People wanna fight me. Somethin’ isn’t right and it Ain’t only tonight. Simply gone crazy. Everything be hazy. I’d try but I’m lazy. Ignorant don’t phase me. I can take the tazing. But buddy, I CAN’T BREATHE! C’mon, let me be! I just wanna see. If I can break free. Or […]

Real Jobs, Real Cars, Real Stadiums. Fake Sports.

Auntie auntie eye over Is a game. Ya, it’s a real kid’s game. Football is a game, ya. Baseball is a game. Racing is a game, ya. And gaming is a game. Lotsa big kids gaming doh. Gaming is just gaming though but Game makers put on quite a show. They dont want your mind […]

Sir Downsalot

You’re no good You’re no good. You’re no good with rules, ya. Make your own. Live at home. On the fly. You’re that guy. Lives just by The seat of his pants. Always grants A ton a slack So’s he come back He got some slack to slather.  

Scout’s Honor, Bitches!

He didn’t know that; Lying was an art. A rich guy never farts. Prenups clear departs. A burning face with marks. Someone stomped that fire pretty hard! You’ve GOT to give him credit. He’s never had to edit. That small voice connected To that big mouth!  

Ignore You The Excipients, Pee Off The Whole Entourage.

You know what dogs do to big wheels? he asked. I didn’t, I must confess. Dogs wash ’em with piss, and not just once. He said like piss was blessed. It is! He heard me! What the hell…? Bastard can read my thoughts?! Then my mind flashed back To all those times in Piss I […]

When You Blindly Reach Around Gonna Grab The Sparkplug

Oh, you’re gonna get a shock! A shock that stops all talk. And hold it long enough, your clock. Blindfolded, why you walk That unnecessary plank? Barry

Sublimate Yourself By Choice Only

That dude makes you sick. That dude is a prick. Why you gonna stick When that dude makes you sick? Barry