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Hallucinating For Profit

This article was first published in 2004 by and I will be forever grateful for their support. “Open your bloody eyes – it’s right in front of you!” If you’re similar to 99% of the humans holding a spot on planet earth, that phrase awakens memories of scattered confusion. You quite likely didn’t realize […]

Ezine Article Stats Update November 20, 2010

For my author friends who are developing themselves as writers on ezinearticles, here are my most recent stats: Seems that learning how to get new ideas is just a tad more important than learning about duct tape… Hmmm. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Expectation Theory: Be Careful What You Don’t Hope For Because You Might Get It!

“Well, what did you expect?!” Many folks are caught off guard by the above query on account of they were not expecting ANYTHING. Here they were, just navigating their personal stream of consciousness and then Bam! Their apple cart is tipped over for no apparent reason. And what is puzzling the person whom asks this […]

What Does Your YouTube Channel Tell The World About You?

That’s not me but my guy’s coming up… Here, take a look at my youtube channel. What does it tell you about me? I’ve been a Toober for four years now and in Internet time that’s waay over a century so I would hope that means something, right? 😎 The thousands of videos I have […]

The Young Collection Agent Called Me A Loser. I Am Forced To Agree With Him.

“Anybody who goes bankrupt is a LOSER!” The smart-alecky whippersnapper collection agent yipped at me. “Did you just call me stupid?!” was the brightest thing I could think of to say back to him. Did you just call me stupid…? Criminy, I’m losing my touch if that’s all I can come up with. But you […]

Trouble Brewing? Make Mine a Double!

Could you use a hand? Do the expectations surrounding you seem more suited to a Clone & Kin tag-team than the single round grudge match you signed up for? If so  – take heed – because the pressure you feel is exactly the same as 90% of your fellow humans, whom like you have sooner […]