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How Evil Works

Lucifer has no mind of his own. The beggar must use yours. He’ll employ a dog. A horse or cat. And people to promote his horrors. Slewfoot lives beside consciousness. Surrounds it in a close embrace. A wee bitta spirit in your belly for warmth. Slewfoot owns the place… Sneaks in through an unleashed temper. […]

Insanely Speaking

Negotiations. Were at a standstill. Someone gonna wind up In a landfill. Deals were broken. Lies were spoken. Wish I was smokin’ A wee bitta calm me down… People crying. Promises dying. No! Not trying! This new thing. With a dead ring. Don’t you bring It to me. I won’t! I don’t! Eat that. Do […]

Minutia On The Bounty

What matters more? Food or love…? Can you get either one from The Lord above? Does he smile on kindness? And frown on hate? Does God punish whiners? Can God relate? Does God say “Go in peace?” Will he force a body out? Can he summon up the wind To blow baddies about? Does he […]

How To Stop Unnecessary Bawling

Hold your tongue. Don’t come undone. It’ll be no fun If you crater… You’ll come to, sometime later. You’ll sidestep Mister Hater. No bruising to heal. No kids that squeal. That grandpa can’t control his anger.

When Kids Kill

They put a choke hold on his whine pipe. Took his sharing to the enth degree. Stretched his Savoir faire. Like they didn’t care. He was broken, it was sad to see. Then he rose up, off all fours. A maneuver that would open doors. He would live, thankfully. He would let the beggars see. […]

You Must Have Cool To Lose It

If his strength came from God, so be it. When the room filled with crap, He didn’t say shit. He didn’t punch the air. Didn’t kick or swear. He just stood there And took it…

Slewfoot As A Child

He wanted me dead. I wanted to die. Split my eardrums. Why God? Why? Scratched my soul. Ripped at my heart. Crushing my will. Just for a start… Lucifer becons. Lookit those eyes! Think he’s done? Got a surprise… For you gramps.

At Bullshit’s Edge

He could see the sun In the middle of the night. He could glide through fear On a single strand of fright. He could keep his pie hole shut. Kept his cool thru if, ands and buts. As humans screamed into his face. Calmness iced with grace. Squinting at this place Brimming now with anger. […]

Somehow The Little Bastard Knew I Saw Fifty Years Out

He picked his nose and ate it. Drank juice straight from the carton. Wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. Nothing he wouldn’t fart on. He howled the deep cries of the tortured. Tears he would flow like pee. Snot manufactured by the liter. Outdoors he’d try to pee upon me. But that fire […]

When One Is At War

No blanks were fired. Each round was live. Devoid of aiming. T’was nine to five. Pulses race. (I can hear your heart) Can’t embrace. (We’re torn apart) Then these shells keep blowing up. Fox holes nowhere deep enough. Life gets short when things get tough. And they do.

Learn To Chatcha Curve Ball

Shit’s going sideways. Upside down. Coming back up. Comin’ back around. Karma’s a bitch. Scratches that itch. Digga deep ditch Becomes a home. Livin’ off road. Lighten your load. Freedom is gold Ditches not sold. Just entered. Finda way out. Look hard. Look about. Doesn’t scream or shout. Cryin’ don’t work. Hurtin’ like a jerk. […]