Minutia On The Bounty

What matters more?

Food or love…?

Can you get either one from The Lord above?

Does he smile on kindness?

And frown on hate?

Does God punish whiners?

Can God relate?

Does God say “Go in peace?”

Will he force a body out?

Can he summon up the wind

To blow baddies about?

Does he interfere in sports?

Like win a football game.

Or watching from the sidelines

When the losers go insane

Does he chuckle to himself

Musing, they think I’m to blame…

Does God help out at darts?

Does he affect the barrel’s flight?

Does he keep the deer from headlights

On the back roads every night?

Will God get you that house?

Did he make that little mouse

Eat all your cheese

Just to please

His awful sense of humor?

Barry Williams http://barry-williams.com/blog

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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