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Don’t Know What Happened?! Pretend You Do & Whoop About It From Dere.

Many folks have been flabbergasted. They had the wind sucked right outa their mouth with such a force that lightheadedness coulda been permanent. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Disorder The Pecking Order

Most folks play the game. They don’t often know the name of the game but still play their heart out. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Steppenwolf (The Pusher)

It’s A Long Way To Re-Al-Ii-Tea Eee, It’s A Long Way To Go!

Most folks know Walt Disney. They have no idea at all, however, how well the grand Mr. Disney knows them. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Hurry! Mickey got me cornered over here! Ethics: 2,500 Years of Failure! Stefan Molyneux Speaks at Stephen F. Austin University

Fear As Motivation Works Great In The Moment But You Better Not Turn Yer Back

Most folks want their own way. They bribe, beg and coerce their adherents to concur but a person convinced against their will is of the same opinion steel. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Of the same opinion still has been uttered by many great thinkers throughout time and this is why marketing works so awesome […]

People Be Hatin’ On The Po Po. Why?

Many folks remember neighborhood cops. They would walk their beat and get to know the citizens they served and protected and those corporals on patrol new full well that performing their duties effectively required the reciprocal support of John Q. Public. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Old time cops knew flies could be caught with […]

So You And Yer Transference. For Two Then, Right?

Most folks see the world. They see it the way they allow them selves to see it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

In Materialism The Devil Is Debt Because It Eats And It Eats And It Eats

Many folks know about wood ticks. They latch onto some living thing and as soon as they can they start sucking blood out of that thing until they can’t anymore. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Genesis – Land Of Confusion

Reality Is Funnel Shaped With Voluntary Direction And Speed

Many folks have donated coins in physical gimmicks. They watch them slowly glide down into a fiberglass filter until they’re spinning faster than the hubs of hell and yet nothing could be further from the truth. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shirley & Co – Shame Shame Shame

Please Tell Humanity What You’ve Learned

Most folks know stuff. They have seldom been asked what they know but if asked they’ll talk. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When He Pulled Up Camp The Men All Grumbled They’d Be Setting It Up Again

Most folks know temporary. They think it means canvas and bear spray when it mainly means that ideas don’t have long to live so we’re always gonna need makers of new ones. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Make Shores You Can Swim To

Most folks have insurance. They don’t need their neighbors help to rebuilt their barn and nobody cares if the payout ain’t forthcoming because everyone knows that rates’ll be going up. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

Purpose Is The What Of Life

Most folks need rails to run on. They want to be called a color,  a weight and a nationality & sometimes they even let others name their toil and totality. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Bev – my mastermind friend, this story is yours. Thank you pal.

Assholes Can Be World Champions

Most folks tend to blend in. They purposefully hang with birds of a feather because who needs flying alligators? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Four Guys In A Room. Two With Guns and Body Armour. Two Beside Demselves.

Many folks have been detained by authorities. They crossed some border or line in their culture and before they could say “this ain’t Russia!” they were treated as if it is. Thank you, friend. Barry out. It was in no way an even fight. We imagined them coming… Phil Collins – Don’t Lose My Number

Yer Old Kit Bag Is Pretty Big So Ahm Guessing You Got A Pile ‘O Troubles

Most folks know peace of mind. They unfortunately call it sleeping. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Stop worrying. Start planning. Minnutes Pack up your troubles

And If We’re Going Down Throw Out The Heavy Thinkers First

Most folks know about odds. They don’t really figure them they just toss their die and let cheeps fall where cheeps fall. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Love. Ats what its all about. Lil Wayne – Love Me    

Even If Nuts Realize They’re Nuts That Don’t Stop Them From Being Nuts

Most folks want to know strange. They pay good money to see weird people doing weird things under extreme circumstances and they line up. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Billy Idol – CyberPunk – Power Junkie

The Old Bastard Was Forthcoming And That’s Why People Despised Him

Many folks hate talent. They would rather shit their own pants then see others excel. Thank you, friend. Barry out. You jealous fucks – think of another way to convey shit.

Telling The Truth To Lying Bastards Is A Self Defeating Program

Many folks know about honesty. They work diligently at not fooling themselves about how level their playing field is and do not assume opponent integrity. Thank you, friend. Barry out. The State can legally obfuscate truth and their disingenuous activity abounds.  

Stress Don’t Ask To Pile On Yer Wagon As It Sneaks Up From Underneath

Most folks experience pressure. They roll with their punches without realizing that every stroke leaves bruising which eventually alters every situation’s color. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Something is sneaking up on you. What is it?  

A Mind Has Many, Many Channels But One Of Them Gotta Be Clear

Most folks have experienced panic. They fell into a puddle of confusion and chaos which threatened to consume every thread of rationality and drown them in the sorrows of someday swamp. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Think about thinking before thinking.    

Act Before Yer Acted Upon And You’ll Be Tired But Still In Action

Most folks have suffered threats. They either attempted to ignore them or instigated immediate preemptive action to stymie the intimidation and only one of these paths leads to liberty. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Bring it.  

Have A Paradigm Shift For Breakfast And You’ll Want Another One For Lunch

Most folks have their mind made up. They aren’t really certain who made it up but give ’em a buck and you ain’t getting no change. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Oh Sweet Jesus. They Found My Blog.

Most folks obfuscate. They don’t tell the truth because no one would believe them and who gives a shit an-a-ways? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

He Got Slapped On The Face Mother Fucker. Dude Knows When It’s A Slap.

Most folks understand popcorn. They just pay too much for the first bag and everything after that is free, Free, FREE! Thank you, friend.  Barry out. Come the fuck on.

Regard And Respect Both Start With R’s But They Don’t End With That

Most folks know about goals. They figure out a way to attain theirs while others might do the same thing times one hundred. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude Says He Knows Hes Scaring Me But Yeah, He Wants Me To Know

Most folks know threats. They understand shit starts with a stare & winds up with a poppin’ pistol. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And Once You Check Out You Never Ever Check In

Most folks know about clubs. They come in stick and sick form but the beggars never stop meeting. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Eagles – Hotel California

We’ll Talk Upon Yer Highest Mountain But The Chips We Let Fall Will Fall All The Way

Most folks know their rights. They may know them very well but finding the gumption to exercise them is another thing altogether. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Drive theory

So He Asked His Friend Selling Lotto Tickets Are They Here To Help Or To Hurt?

Most folks know share the wealth. They understand that if they have family and win a million bucks then their family wants their share. Thank you, friend. Barry out.