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Kid Cop

Oh man, do we have rules. Sharing, caring, don’t pee your pants. Wipe your nose and Wash your hands. Hitting is out. Spitting is out. We don’t shout. It brings no clout to Thrash about. Eat your food. Don’t take so much. Quiet time and don’t you touch! No reptiles at the table. Comfort snake […]

Don’t Focus On The Screaming

This narrow band of light. I see it all alright. Then later on, tonight. I will not see. The light will be… Gone. And with it goes my sight. Goes away every night. But me, I see it all… When there is light.

S. Teedee

Now you can skip the dishes Supermarket, too. You can’t skip these folks. And they won’t skip you. No sir. You’re in their plan. They got you I.P. Unlock your housencar Without a damn key. They find your stash. And your real cash. They leave you smiles All the dang whiles You are acting Like […]

Matthew Thirteen Twelve Twenty Five Seven

Oh, you’re sooo smart! Playing like it’s your show. Giver giver you go. All tbe way in fast mode. Dreamin tho in slo mo’. Thrashing from the to fro. Road don’t go where you go. Need another epidermis. Better be in that thermos. Gonna drink a new skin, me. Slide a little more easy. Maybe […]

Mister Monkey Ninety-Nine

One hundred fucking monkeys. Pounding on keys. Slammin’ out language. Typin’s a breeze! Give ‘er you monkeys! Lookit you go! Bangin’ ’em fingers Fast as ale go! Monkeys ain’t slow. No! No! No! They’ll bite each other’s fingers off Just to get ahead. Show ’em that you have a heart Monkeys eatcha dead. They want […]

Take Joy In This Wall You Hit

Jody shat his drawers Again and again. Wouldn’t stop crying In his effing playpen. Fell and skinned his knee. Wrecked his goddamn bike. Broke his crooked nose comin’ Second in a fight. Knew it wasn’t right but he Set himself adrift. Often bit his lip. Listened quite a bit. Finally gathered, if The cryin’s gonna […]

Stalker’s Disease From A Heya, Howareya?

A nice purse on Is not a nice person And a nice purse on a nice person Does a nice pers on not make. They take what they will take. Make you no mistake. They got their sights set on Your good to great beyond. Beyond where you can see But you’ll be there, bay […]

You’ve Got To Bite The Snake Before The Snake Bites You

Just around the corner. Right beneath the bed. Underneath the toilet ring. Dread, man. Dread. Doesn’t turn your eyes that way! Attention whore will have to say What chu lookin’ at, you fag?! Then choke you out With kindness gagged By weirdness and happiness and Twisty smiles. Squinty eye holes. Splintered nails. There’s no disguise. […]

Asphalt Hillbillies And Their Nigerian Prince

A wee, wee cuppa mushroom tea Ten o’fuckin’ clock In the mornin’. Make it through the day Ever’ way I can. Motherfuckin’ tan Blacken out mah tats. Got me no regrets. Let ’em placer bets. Whether cigarettes Is bad or isit good? Maybe shoulda woulda Sent da money earlier. Den da prize’d be here Already.

Rock Bottom And Rocky Top

She shit her pants. Babbled all day. Cried when the kids Would not play. What’cha gonna say When they want their way? Mama, eighty-five years old.

It Don’t Take Much

God, she was close to the edge all day! A whiff could blow her away. The breezes, they gusted and occasional storm A tsunami was on it’s way… Run for your life! The expression I saw and I Ran like hell ’til I Could not draw the Breath I needed, then Panting, she heeded my […]