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Mom, I’m Sick. I Gotta School Ache.

Maybe I wasn’t feeling all that great. Maybe was a test I could not relate. Maybe was a test I could not partake. Maybe Barry is a damn poor student. Don’t make him lead. He will disbelieve. If you give him leave To do so… Beggar slides away. Givem just a day. He’ll be in […]

When The Past Comes Back To Hint You

Buddy! He said. I remember you. You were the guy whom did not screw Me, as a customer, So long ago. And me? I remember, Buddy so… Take back the past. Haven’t you asked? Why do I do it? Why does it do me? And why can’t so many doers Wake up themselves and see. […]

When Your Mark & Mine Disappears

This footprint was And just because It was. It wasn’t necessary. In fact it was not jerry said. It’s i saw this, and, Truth be said. Someone headed to heaven.

Plasmastic Dreams

Oh man, you said some shit. You said some shit last night. Some of it was right. Some was outa sight. Some was not so bright. Some was kinda trite. Me? I didn’t bite. I stayed outa sight. Listened to my wife. I want you home tonight. She don’t need the fright. I came home […]

Reality Is A One Horse Town

So you think you know How the big life goes But you haven’t stuck your toe in the water? Maybe you knew but forgotten. Shit outside smells rotten Compared to your dreams Nice, it now seems Is nowhere in the mix. It’s nothing you can fix. Take a deep sleep breath And take a wild, […]

Pen Pals

They were trapped alright. And they were packed in tight. They fought a growing fright Until the fading light Was all but gone. Now even dawn Brought so non-reprieve That it was hard to breathe And some would love to leave But they could not. See, they were caught In the oldest bind That bind […]

They Had A Big Light

So bright the fright That any light shadowed The dark to come. Like light had come undone. Broke into only one. One avenue broke into two. Like two is just enough.

How Dare You!

His skin was like paper. All thin and white. Hesitant to speak lest He speak the not right. What if you disagree? Wouldn’t he Be obligated To see you hated Cause you now disagree? Insulted, assaulted. Same, same to he!

Stupid Don’t Feel Stupid

Let’s say you are a brain surgeon. And you don’t have no brain. What you gonna do when they find out? Nothing like brainless pain. But the surgeon don’t care. He’s not there. Not ALL there anyway…

They’re All Barbeque Chips

He wouldn’t take the chip On their first damn try. But six jabs later He began to ask why. Why would he lineup And bare another arm? Why take a chance on The jab doing harm? Better get a clear tat. So clear that No one you know knows. And if they do, too bad. […]

The Opportunity Man

Blind as a bat. To risk and all that. Buddy went head first. Hard til his dreams burst. Thought he was so cursed But Buddy couldn’t see. The key to to his freedom. All good and then some Thing would happen Then Buddy scrappin’ Fears keep a lappin’ They want him bad. Need Buddy sad. […]


There’s an old guy down by the railroad tracks. Not big on manners and the old boy lacks The type of piece of mind thats fills in cracks Of reality gone so wild You’d think history is a child Nothing to repeat son. Now look what you done. Taken all the big fun Put us […]

Add Yourself

There was no point. No point to start from and No point to reward A listener for their Wee bitta tension. See, tension has its place In wires and tents. But present tense, no.

Fooler Mom

Bitch you really got me good. Hood winked me every time you could. I dangled there like you knew I would. I slew all your enemies. Even if they were friends to me. You got me so damn good. Papa tried to warn me. My mind could not see. What a twisted bitch you were. […]

Wise Ways

A trap he saw Where none exists So he tread lightly In starts and fits. Courage now, he must resist Running to beat high heaven. No traps back where he bin. None to the left. None to the right. Some traps, he knew, came out at night. But those weren’t the traps that delivered fright […]

They Made The Neighbors Squeal

Dial six one one and Call someone. The neighbors having visits. They don’t know what it is. They just know that this is A time for lonely. You stay homely. Sick and die on your own. You don’t leave your home. You’re diseased, my friend. You can see the end. The edge has come to […]

Instead Of Someone More

Don’t stop me man. Because i can Not be stopped.

Life Lived Forward. Lessons Learned Backwards.

History happens. Then we look at it. Shit happens. Then we smell it. You get burned. Then you feel it. If you’re stuck in the happening. You will continue crapping in The same damn place you eat.

When You Whip Your Head Around, The Sound It Makes.

Oh happy day at the circus! Got clowns and clowns and clowns. Take you for some scary rides. Giggle if you sick. Frightened you maybe too many times Come to think of it. They could give a shit. Feed them drama. Give ’em all they want. They take it until you’re gaunt You’re a bystander […]

Real Is As Real Does

You are an ass. Argue if you want. That’s what asses do. Arguing asses flaunt Their zest for life. Their endless fright. Need to be right. So sweet right, right? In this world sir, I reign. Bow to my way for gain. Through contrast you stay sane. But give no quarter, Here is not for […]

If You Try To Kill My Mudder

You fuck. You shit. You fucking jerk! You could not live with her not hurt? You have to flex your power. Send zombies to devour Our mom, you fuck… You fucking goat! I hope your pride blocks off your throat. And you leap far but don’t clear the moat. With gold filled pockets to the […]

Born Unnatural Liars

To grass, no… isn’t greener. In fact it’s waay obscener. Than just fibbing to yourself. Your self esteem will melt Into their cauldron. You’ll be solvent. Breaking down reality with A truth so all alone.

Plead Innocent

Jesus christ Barry! What’d you do? Think shit through! Why don’t you… ?! Oooh ooh ooh! Jesus christ, you! You little shit! Now you’ve done it! Gonna be a hit With the belt boy…

All Hail The Getalongers!

He wouldn’t say shit If his mouth was full of it. Promoted, promoting. Can’t do his own thing. Why dear lord is he not on board. How come he won’t feed himself? He could deal the hand he was dealt. But he bends for others. And even his mother. Can’t imagine the emptiness felt.

Why… Mister Always Promoting?

Something about your pie hole. Continuously flapping. Cupping strange feet way in said hole. Can’t stop it from happening. Braggart for others. Makin’ their mothers So damn proud. Your mother’s head bowed. Hurting for her son. Whose come undone. Can’t even close his pie hole…

Night Terrors

He thought it was the booze When the sun went down But the damn trouble started Once the booze was gone. Nothing now to blame it on. Slowly, it began to dawn It wasn’t the booze. T’was him…

Real As Jesus

If I swears to God Dat me an’ A-rod. Is off dah dope… Cause we say nope. To swangin’ rope. Like Lance Armstrong. When shits this real, You gotta know dah deal Is to finish up as fast as U can. U cannot be an also ran. Gotta run yer own clan. Gets ta be […]

Hello Revealer

You can’t act natural Cause you’re not. There’s a great big screen for fake And you’re caught In it, so you struggle. You wiggle. You point. Ya, you don’t say here piggy, But you oink. They get it. Your message. They’re guessing You’re address is: Hurtsville. In Harmtown. And you’re afraid We’ll burn down Your […]

The Devil’s In The Wee Tales

Mama, she loves me. Wouldn’t hurt me none. She tells me, your Papa, Look what he has done. He cursed you. He hit you. Chased you with an axe. And while you was outrunnin’ him Mama was coverin’ tracks. She set him up and Popped him off. Used him like an old rag cloth. Wiped […]

When The King Changes His Name

His annointing through pointing Was not to be questioned and No body mentioned that He was fat. And a slow turd. Never was that ever heard cause They were blinded by gold. And those not beholding it All took their shifts ’til They worked round the clock. And most of them thought That working hard […]