How Evil Works

Lucifer has no mind of his own.

The beggar must use yours.

He’ll employ a dog.

A horse or cat.

And people to promote his horrors.

Slewfoot lives beside consciousness.

Surrounds it in a close embrace.

A wee bitta spirit in your belly for warmth.

Slewfoot owns the place…

Sneaks in through an unleashed temper.

Glides upon sexual need.

Lucifer creeps out of boredom and

Unleashes incredible greed.

Crashes your world via toddler tantrum.

Or a special bottle of wine.

Many ways lead straight to Lucifer.

He’s the master of blind minds.

Want to throw him out?

Want to take your life back?

Strive to enhance your consciousness and

Don’t cut him any slack.

He’ll temp you.

Taunt you.

Ruin your rep.

Make shit fly from you mouth.

So if you smell him (and he smells bad…)

You can quietly think him out.

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