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Saw Monsters Dressed Like Human

A boy ran over his grand ma-ma. Fetched his horse an he ran her down. A boy ran over his grand ma-ma. He was a boy, a boy… a boy. A son struck his father in an arr-gu-ment. It was a family fight. Neither man was right. It was a son who hit his father […]

Sitting Bull Was A Great Leader So The Indian Police Killed Him

The old guy weren’t no dummy. He could see around the bend. They pushed him hard and They pushed him far but The old guy could always win. Defensive tactics. So outsmarting. Haters want him soon departing. He won’t bend his knee. Before the Little Big Horn could see. For their future to be free. […]

My Canada

The west made east with every mile. Sod houses, beasts and country wile. We made this land and lived in style. But our cake needed icing. Needed sweetness so enticing. It sucked us all in. How could we sin? If a few died doing God’s bidding?

When The Right Side Wins

Day after day, the ribs came out. Standing in shit, too weak to shout. If they could though, they would warn lookout! The winners are coming for you!

Bad Cop Bad Cop

The kid was lying. Plain as day. The kid’s a liar but Hey, hey, hey… Hold on a minute. Momma lies too. Papa lies and baby lies Lying little coo. Whatcha gonna do? Lie on with the liars? Tuck in like the friars? Say we’ll sell then buyer? Aren’t cha getting tired? Fraid ya might […]

The Thick Blue Blanket

The police officer is your friend not. The police officer he won’t lie not. The police are honest people not. The police don’t cover shit up not. The police investigate their own not. The police are to be trusted not. They’re good guys not. Too many been caught. Covering up their rot. The police have […]