Saw Monsters Dressed Like Human

A boy ran over his grand ma-ma.

Fetched his horse an he ran her down.

A boy ran over his grand ma-ma.

He was a boy, a boy… a boy.

A son struck his father in an arr-gu-ment.

It was a family fight.

Neither man was right.

It was a son who hit his father

And tho he shouldn’t ought to

It was his son, his son… his son.

A woman loves law and order.

She trains and she loves orders.

She becomes a police

Because, here, at least

SHE can give the orders!

And follows the ones she wants to.

And maybe, if you don’t follow…

She’ll run right over you on her horse.

Maybe jab a stick to your ribs, of course,

You must qualify for her wrath.

You and your walker block her path.

And she’s a cop, she’s a cop… a cop!

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  1. I fuckin hope those cops are NPC’s non player characters, because if they are real people, evil is an energy that is infective.

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