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They Don’t Come From The Front

These creeps. These creeping reaps. These won’t leave you be Cause you plainly see Tomorrow filled with shitstorm, Don’t adjourn We are breaking free…

Preciate This Pain Sweet Jesus

I know you might leave tomorrow. Maybe you’ll leave tonight. Let’s say you sneak out on bare feet. Maybe scoot away by bike. I know, just know you’ll leave me. You will not stay. Even if you want to… Go away!

The Overridden

To a point he was smart and Beyond that, motherfucker Was as stupid as fuck. At that point he’s outa luck. You better jump back outa his muck. You get smacked with some unalive stuff. Grazed by a bullet. Hit by a truck. Like I said, dude’s outa luck. And y’stand in for his stroke?

I Gotta Showya

How many times? Barry

Mamma Lied To Me An I Lied To Mamma But The Guvment Lied To Boat Of Us

There’s only one way outa This wet paper bag and It ain’t a going through the top. You better like slivers and You better like cuts because Paper’s bringing that and bringing lots. Your mind is being made up. Who make up your mind? That’s the paper bag’s weak spot. Barry   SpaceX Lands Rockets […]