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Killer Safety

Hard hatted and tied off to the yin jang. Safety started with a big bang. Mission Zero and similar heros, Saving no one while countless zeros All near misses, no en queer oos. We kill people with our minds. Un uttered thank yous, No you cans… We need help over here.

The Unconscious Addict

Fuck, buddy was ripped. Flipped right over to an ill equipped, Can’t help out cause he don’t know shit. And he don’t know he don’t know shit. Sheeit. Buddy had enough of it. Gonna be a good man. Big man. Grand slam. Buddy bringin’ home Dat Bacon. Sept now the bringin’ takes achin’. Something like […]

Praise The Lord For Covid

I’d be so screwed. More than I am. If it wasn’t for this covid scam. Thank you, man. Please don’t be Satan. But if you are, then you’ll be waiting For payback, a long time. Oh right… you don’t do time.

Humanity Insanity

It ran at me but I did move. I could, I was in no one’s groove. Once I saw, it now behoved Me to run away, run away Run away fast! Be that first runner Not the last. Tell each person as you pass. Storm is a commin’! And a commin’ fast! This is a […]

A Rising Tide Drowns The Head-In-Sanders

She had a different face for every day. There weren’t much chance and no damn way You would ever catch her without her makeup Cause if you did then lady’d wakeup A demon hiding deep within her A little probing would effortlessly stir Her demon screemin’ to come greet you. Her demon steamin’ to unseat […]

It’s Frightening Out

Buddy did rain. And snow and sleet. Buddy did hot but could not keep His mind screwed on straight But now of late To tough to take A breather. Reliever. Deceivers abound. They were all around. Ready to say no. Buddy, you can’t go Here, they don’t want you. Want to avoid blue? Buddy stay […]

A Place Without Gods

The king decreed Everyman seethed At the notion there be no god. Not here, ruled the monarch. Not today. Maybe god returns Another day but Today god stays away. King said And he waved his arms in a pathway Charmed By the forces at kings call. Bells rang out and the boys with clout Flailed […]

Fed To Death

They buffayed all day In every way And none did say Hey, hey okay… Houston, we have a problem. No but we called on God then. But God was away Yet we still did pay The beggar his daily due. He put our dues straight on through. Ignoring our boo hoo hoos. A beggar, he […]

Where Stupid Winds Prevail

Oh there ain’t no need For you to heed The whispering breeze’s suggestion. Buddy, you don’t even question Is it right? Is it fright? Is it your damn plight? Or are they trying to undermine you? If they can’t then will they fine you? Is the system breaking down? If you take a look around […]

The Future Comes From Somewhere

Glitches are real and You can feel your Heart skip a beat When you meet Someone could be Your maker.

You Shoulda Learned Bat Shit Crazy

When the world is silly And acting willy nilly Do you head for the hilly? Do you face down Billy? Cause Billy got a billy club That he’d love To hard shove Hand in glove From above The orders come Shut them down! Knock them down! Put them down! Or they’ll bunch up Scrunch up […]

Tom Foolery For President

Let’s pretend you have a gun. You want fun and to find some You put boring on the run Come undone. You’re the one You say stop or we will shoot We still loot With your boot Firmly stepping on our throat. You know that we didn’t vote For you try hard to get our […]

Stay Fucked Off, One Of One.

Well we said this and we said that. Circumstances change Bud, that’s a fact. You go ahead, there ain’t no back. You’ll get it right in a minute. Feels like hell once you’re in it. But you can get out. No needa shout. Or flail about It’s just a wet sack Punch through it.

That’s One Small Check For Man, One Giant Bill For Mankind.

Free! Stuff was free! They were giving it all away! There was just no friggin way One could lose. Less you choose Not to partake of The partay Because it’s their way Or the highway Doing spoonwork For some fat jerk… And lovin’ that Brown Nose Shitaay!

Monsieur Malleable

Oh you don’t realize who you are! Who you are! Who you are! You are you but not too far. You could be another star. You could change and change so far. You could hate your neighbor. You could demand favor. You could be a savior. Or you could kill And likely will. When they […]

Proscription Of Health

WHO wants you dead. They put a price on your head. Just like Cicero said. They take your hands Then take your head. Don’t slit your own throat. Buddy ain’t no goat. Andy don’t know it But slitting ain’t befitting Any profit you be gitting Goes right to the next guy Maybe kiss goodbye Those […]

The End Of Touching Flagsticks

You hit the ball then I hit the ball then Billy Bob Smith winds up his driver Straight down the fairway and Stuck in your airway a Yay! For today You remember that round in September When life was so tender We touched and embraced and revealed Our humanity but Dammit he Thought now that’s […]

For Your Own Good You Shall Be Shunned

Stay away from the old folks. What? You want them dead?! Stay away from the children too. Stay in the bubble in your head. Keep your distance. Humans are bad. No hug yo’ mama. Not your dad. Everyone’s a stranger. Everyone’s disease. You hug yourself now. Touch don’t please The soul like it once did. […]

Evil Grows

Oh you should see the devil’s smile! Lucifer grins like sin. Grind your will to a yassuh pulp. Loser you shall win. End like you begin. Come on, come right in! You are a good mate. Shall not debate. Whom gets berate. When you come late To a party that starts with cleanup.

How To Defeat Evil

There might be only a thousand to one. We’re taking the triple six back. A kid dies and you send everyone. They’re born and you give ’em a slap. You’ve hunted this forrest too many eons. It’s time we covered your tracks. We’re taking the sixes which Pretty much nixes your chance of Regaining that […]

The Fear Of A Good Force

God says jump! You ask how high? How high? God says jump up to the sky. You don’t ask why. This ain’t no try. You’re the guy. Fly guy fly! And when you’re coming down you ask… Was this the task… The time just past, Had it past at last? Or was this all a […]

They Did That Wave Thing

The score don’t matter when You’re hanging with the crowd. Sitting on yer ass when there’s a wave It ain’t allowed. You yell like the others ’til Your voice is nearly gone. Wearin’ copy uniforms and it will never dawn Upon you That you Are not enjoying. What they’re employing see So annoyingly You are […]

Three Shots For A Triple Glazed

The trick or treaters come out at night. To many trickers it don’t feel right. Shoppin’ when and where there’s not a cop in Sight. But what ya gonna do when baby Cries at night? That ain’t right! So to night Like any other. Every good mother. Watchin’ to see lights on and If anyone’s […]

Lying For Good Causes

You better watch out. Better not pout. Santa Claus is coming to town. He foils every Santa alarm. Shushes every bark. Drinks a million cups of milk. This all for his work. Easter Bunny. Kinda funny. Hiding eggs of chicken. And hanging quite the lickin’. On chock-late likeness of itself. It can’t help… It’s ordered […]

You. Your Worst Enemy.

No one else can shit your pants. No they can’t. Try, but shan’t. No one else can make you cry. Do or die. Wonder why. Why the beggars even try. No one else can make you brave. Brave to save. You and loved ones from the grave. No one else cares more than you. You […]

Relationship Serial Murdering

A friend is not a person, it’s a thing. That person may well outlive your friendship. The thing that existed even if one of you wished it didn’t, like some illegitimate child. Relationships grow and falter and die. Relationships steal and give and make you cry. Every person begins their relationships crying, most out loud, […]

When HorseShit Was Normal

You watched your step. This way and that. Get smoked by a carriage. Step in some crap. No goddamn helmets No glasses. No gloves. No goddamn crosswalks. No steel toes. No huddles. You watched your own way And one other back. Knew them without wits Had boots shined with crap.

Big And Little Kings

A man with a gun and a bullet proof vest. Ain’t no effing hero. Could be mothershootin’ zero. Nope. He ain’t no hero. A guy with a hose and an oxygen tank. Ain’t a goddamn hero. Without coin he ain’t even here no. A gang member ain’t no hero. A woman with a mask and […]


You are stupid. You don’t matter. No one cares about you. You are ugly. From a bad family. You know you are screwed. Because you think, you are. That’s how powerful, you. In sanity, Your friend Barry.

Watch For Scratches And Biting When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

Most folks have never seen shit hit a fan. Shit doesn’t hit all at once. It starts with a dribble of shit, then a squirt, finally a steady flow called shit creek. Now, you want to be downstream shit creek because upcreek there are no paddles and paddles are necessary to keep away from the […]