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This Guy Is Not My Friend

My mom died on January 18, 2022. She died of loneliness. She contracted a bad case of politics which quickly progressed into full on fear, radioactivity, transmissibility, ostracism, and segregation. Because she was unvaccinated, she was incarcerated in her $3,000 per month room where she endured perpetual quarantine and a very limited personal contact. The […]

First Day Momless

Damn it’s cold When the one you knowed Would watch for you is gone. Feels like I missed a dawn On a brand new day In a brand new way Of living without giving Old lady hugs and Old lady bugs me To pick up this thing or Get me that. Ain’t gonna happen and […]

Mom Died Again

You’re in that club That never closes. There is no time and clocks? What are those and The breeze is soft and The light is dim and When I see you once again, Neither you nor time has passed.

Two Seconds

Fuck that was close! Too damn close… One curiosity is all it takes Then, oh then, baby We ain’t fakes. We be the real thing. Swangin’ from a neck swing. Bells going ding ding In the minds of others. If I had my druthers, I’d druther be with you, I’d druther we drove through, I’d […]

The Lord Swings Both Ways

God was a lazy son-a-bitch. If he was manifested in Mitch. Cause Mitch don’t give a shit. He wants no piece of it. He doesn’t even care what IT is. But God, he just can’t do shit. Lease, can’t do shit thru Mitch.  

Jesus I Don’t Want To Be A Fucking Retard

No offense, he said, but you stink! And I don’t like how you think! You wear skin that’s brown, it ain’t pink. Your koolaid’s bad, I won’t drink. Your hearing’s gone and you blink. You ain’t sol-id, you’re a fink! Time will see that you sink. You’ll wind up in the klink. You’ll think more […]

God’s Plan And Your Plan Will Meet At The Corner

Jesus, I wasn’t expecting you today. Not this way. Not okay. I was there waiting for you to say Buddy, how you want the following? You want gain? That’s pain! You want free? Hee hee! Easy? Please-ee! Power? Now we’re Getting to the crux of your matter! Barry

And For Every Hammer A Scratch

He got drunk and fell down. Drunk and fell down. Couldn’t fall up. Always fell down. Kepp on floppin’ Always head down. Didn’t see the scratches Bleedin’ on the ground. Makin’ Blood Lake an Ah ain’t gonna drown. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Scoundrel Be Thy Name

Brother, you know couches. Sofas and Lazy Boys. Brother, you’ve supped more sea than fish. Brother, and big boy toys. You slam. You hollar. Spend mom’s last dollar. Never off the teat. So now you beat Yourself and your lovers Up. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Mindless People Steal

It’s your mind. You can’t make it up. I wait behind you, Feelin’ a wee bit gruff. I’d like to tell you, That you’ve had enough. But I say nothing. I know you got it tough. CAUSE THAT’S WHAT STUPID FUCKERS GET! ENJOY! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

And If You Call Me An Asshole You’d Be Right

Oh the better me is better free To judge past pal ‘o mine. He’s a moron, yes and I Must confess that He’s no frienda mine. I hate that dude because He’s so rude and Came unglued Without being clued into Who and what he was. He was him alright. Hating every night, Dragged him […]

Mr. Gout, I Presume.

Fuck you big time my old friend. You just come to hurt me. I placate and negotiate To stop you roaming free. Why your visit? What I do? To deserve your salt In wounds anew. You scrape through. Me, I’m blue cause I want you To leave. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

There’s One Set Of Rules For The Ruled

Rich or poor, it don’t matter. If you listen to the mad hatter, Your glass housa freedom will shatter. And you will hafta stay at her. So slip on your yoke and stoppa chatter. What you think now, It don’t matter. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Das Peeple

Mentally ill is why we still Cry out for something free. I like free, feels great to me and I Wonder if and how it might be That free becomes so natural see that Nobody gets ahead. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

A Priest Stole Money Then With God’s Help, Gambled It All Away.

Chance was a very big dude. Chance don’t like no takers. You believe in the god of luck? You wanna bet on the Lakers? Maybe pick red. Stay on seventeen. Chance a make a bully boy Cry like a homecoming queen. Where you buddy been? Come on, come on in! Welcome to your worlda seen… […]

Mortar The Evil Pony

Some a dah milk go bad Worse chocolate ever bin had. Drive a chocolate lover mad. Sad. But, take’it what once bin sad. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

This Old Man

Someone sitting alone there. Dude looks like he’s lost. Looks like he paid alot for life. And he didn’t count the cost. Which was everything. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lawdy Let My Goodness Clean The Shit From My Fan

How come I gotta be the nice guy? When shitters shit on me why lord why? I play safe when they don’t even try. They frown down on my bright blue sky. Will I live on in heaven while in hell they fry? I. Fucking. Doubt it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Catch A Nigger By Da Toe Den An Ass Kickin’ E-Leet!

One day down by da reever. Ah see a liddle sheet. Da sheet seep outa da reever bank into Da haich two oh we drink. Now no telling what da reever taste like Fore’n it started to stink… Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Just Outside In The Porch

Big life small life. Havin’ them a ball. But right outside man, terror befall. Make a no noise. Terror don’t call. Scratchin’ out the miserable Death by paw. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

A City Of A Million People Up In Smoke!

Every thirty seconds! A gun in someone’s mouth. A noose turn-ing lights out. A spike shaken without. A pill to stop the shout’n. A city doing itself each year! People sure want out’n… Thank you, friend. Barry out. 800,000 humans take their own lives EVERY YEAR! ORRIBLE  

It’s Always You

You go. You do. It’s you and all things that matter to you. Those things are important. They need attention. They don’t need me and my intervention. You go. You do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

One Time Two Times

Shit needs two dimensions only To go absolutely sideways. Give it four or five dimensions Shit be sideways always. So… look out! You newby tenth dimensioner. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

No One Waiting When Dude Got Down. Maybe He Shouldn’ta Come Down.

Today don’t matter. Today ain’t nothin’. Goin’ too smooth. Gonna rough it. Maybe tough it. Outa here. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Shit Ya There Was A Gang War And One Gang Had All The Guns

A red bandana. Dude got dead cause he ignored The rule about red bandanas. On this turf no bandanas. Badges on hats and epaulets. Spit polished boots and no regrets. They gets what they gets If they don’t do threats Bandanas better hit the deck. Right quick. Or their lives vamoose at the click Of […]

The Dominate Narrative Was: You’re Weak, I’m Strong. I Will Cover For You.

Mental Illness played indoors only. He didn’t want to go outside. Anyone stopping wouldn’t see him. Em Eye would steal away and hide. Their consciousness would not collide. Unless Em Eye was fried. Then it’s like the other died. And the bad tooth opened wide. Success stood by and sighed. Shit storms far and wide. […]

Sorry I Told You

You were gonna do something I asked you to. Kina took your initiative And through it through A strip of glue Held us together. Thank you, friend. Barry out.


On stun everybody! On stun! On donor, on blitzkrieg. On stun. Everybody. Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

Less People Shooting More People More Often

At the end of the road were Some folks who were lost. They hada get home at Any cost. THEY WERE LOST! Man… Dontcha see mister? Don’t you see? Being lost made ’em cross Ana wannabe boss Which they could be while Keepin’ air distance. Dustified themselves post some Gettin’ dirty others. Not by choice […]

Dissonance Drive Weren’t No Place To Build A Big ‘Ol Fort

Had to. But… He couldn’t. Made to When He shouldn’t. Fly away bad feelings. Run. Rip like the grind. Poor attitude ‘o mine. Say, how did you find Me? Thank you, friend. Barry out.