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Rendered Delusional

Buddy was a real deep thinker. Deep like a deep well digger. He thought before he’s thirsty And thinking, he thought the worst he’d Then encounter Were thoughts he found there Way out the plan. Flipped off and ran Their own game Like they were playing By their own rules Ya, the bloody fools Acted […]

When You Wish Upon A Swish

You own you and To stay true You be you… Plus kaizen every day.

Nobody Let Us

Fuck anybody whom says we can’t. And fuck them naysayers saying we shan’t. I will say If it’s okay If today’s The only way Forward.

The Minuses

She took away her takeaway Everyway she could. Every day she would. From her filthy neighborhood. Drag dead carcasses where she went. Smelled like hell and ten times bent. All on red, roulette the rent. Fly in an ice cube. Pickle tasting jube jube. Headache in a noob tube. She was bad bizness. Clear a […]

Know Your Heroics Beneficiary

Hello chump. Why’nt you dump All your goodness on me. Then I be free of Responsibility uh. For I have thee uh To count on.