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Loosh Rock Without Lighthouse Dead Ahead!

The breeze was soft as a pirate’s whisper, But it drew it’s breath from today. There was never any doubt that the ship was lost, As their futures floated away. They bibbed and bobbed and although Hobnobbed, they pined for this moment. This drifting ‘pon the seas. Them free of dis-ease, fore The further they […]

The Four Corners Of Reality

Get out of the wrong side of bed he said. Gonna change the whole damn day. And maybe you get less say. Cause the way you woke today Gonna set in motion some way. The things that make that day. A turn to the right. A glance to the left. You can see what you […]

Waay More Than One Hallway

Sure, you lookin’ inna winder. This winda, trute be tole. This winda only, all udders, nah. My as well beon hole. Waitin’ fer a time what Never gonna come. But waitin’ lak waitin’s Ackchly gettin’ sumin’ dun. Watchin’ from duh hallway lak Dis hallway’s zonely one!    

Contents: Cancer

He was a mind reader When there weren’t one. He baked shit With no sun. Shot shit. With no gun. He was some one. In his own game. It was not the same. He was really playing. From out there. Past attention there’s no mention. Of the penchant for games. They’re one and the same […]

When You Go Into The Woulds Today

  Mother Nature is a killer. Via leopard and cliff. It ain’t a matter of when or how And it ain’t a matter of if. You’re going if you came. With only yourself to blame cause Not coming is the game. Barry  

Life Is A Ball Rolling Through This Dimension

  Oh, the things we must start and stop doing! Start feeding yourself and stop shitting your pants. Stop feeding the wildlife. Start feeding the man. Start feeding your mind. Stop feeding it shit. Stop getting angry, getting even and throwing fits. Stop needing gratitude and fairness and help. Start feeling synergy and belief in […]

Poo Poo At Your Peril

You think through Nothing to This is all a game. If it is. Nothing tis Ever quite the same. Hand shakin’? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

He Could Only Talk Through Siggno

Your skin is not the color of you. One thin layer deep. Your attitude is not kept by you. It’s not yours to keep. Freedom, life, can go away But you pal, you pal. You pal stay. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Piss Kills

C’mon now, this is serious. A yellow patch in the grass. Dying tree. Who could be Pissing upa rope tree ass? Porcelain doesn’t measure Goodness coming through. Porcelain hides away those measures You should likely view. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

With Their Headsets On No One Could Tell That They Were Now In Prison

Dude was looking nowhere. There was nothing to be seen. Dude could see but not himself. Dude was in between. (warm storage) Thank you, friend. Barry out.