Hello Loosh Battery

Open up your mind, see what you find and it better not be negative.

Take stock of your killer instinct and that fight or flight instinct beside it. Notice how victimhood is right beside your intent to flee and marching in the streets is a last ditch effort right beside that.

It’s all there, in your foolbox. Every state, every emotion, and every outlook resides just a thought away and guess who does the choosing?

Welp, it should be you but that’s only true if you can realize your genetics, calculate your culture, and wade through society’s corrals of bovine scat adeptly placed to influence your path.

It should be you directing your emotions, but you aren’t the only one interested in your output.

The Loosh Lappers want you bad. As bad and mad as you can get. They want you hopping mad because hopping while mad is a sweet, love you long time Loosh popsicle that lasts for daze.

Don’t feed the tallyman because he’s not headed your way. There’s no fun and games on the high seize and those Looshers can live under water, you cannot, and they will pull you under.

Choose descriptors and emotions that enhance your power and starve the bearers of ill will.

Yes, open up your mind, use what you find to reveal a better you, then snap it closed so none shall pass, and Looshers can kiss your smarter ass!

Barry Williams http://barry-williams.com/blog

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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