Three Stages Of Body Partnership

Buddy shat his pants

Several times a day.

Cried himself to sleep

Didn’t want to play

Buddy couldn’t say

Cause he could not talk.

And he could not walk.

He was one year old.

Now he could shit when he wants.

And not shit, if he had to.

He forced himself to go for walks.

Listened to some stupid talks.

When he didn’t want to.

Buddy used his will to force

Himself, a moveable force

To bid his will.

And it didn’t kill anyone.

In fact, he got shit done.

Sometimes it wasn’t fun.

Buddy actioned will.

Then one day Gout did call

And Buddy now could fall

Cause there was no walking.

No goddamn talking

Could stop that pain.

Buddy’s mind was slain.

He was hostage to

Someone he knew

Could blow right through

Any plan he had.

Ya, he could be sad

That his time had passed.

Cause now, at last.

Buddy understood

For bad and good

His body was not his body.

And Buddy praised God that he

Had come to terms

What ladies and germs

And fleeting terms

Had shown him… The Three Main Stages of Life.

(Baby – zero conscious body control

Human – over riding conscious body control

Senior – the body wants it’s shit back and retakes control)

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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