Here A Chip, There A Chip. Everywhere A Chip, Chip.

Buddy’s fridge wouldn’t open.

His window wouldn’t close.

The range wouldn’t heat

And his AC froze.

What the hell goes?

Buddy was stunned.

Hungry and cold.

No one ever told him bout

The Chips he had been sold.

Oh, The Chips will heed you!

They’ll save your life.

They’ll make things easier.

With way less strife.

But The Chips don’t feel.

They aren’t alive.

And they aren’t bound by nine to five.

But like the servants they are for real.

They heed a master that Buddy can’t see.

Though he bought The Chips,

No master, he…

Suffers the same fate of everyone.

Run that red light and you’ll see son.

The Chips will gauge you and capture your image.

They’ll contact and threaten and when they are finished

They’ll reduce your bank account

Or stop your car.

So stay in the love of The Chips, my friend,

Or you shant get very far.

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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