Hola Dementia!

You called me up and called me down.

Said you’d prefer it if I found

Another place to hang my hat.

With no discussion, that was that.

But only you were angry.

I hid a tiny smirk.

You wagged your finger.

Said you’re a ringer

For a jerk. You’re a jerk. A jerk!

I saw your lips move

But that did not prove

To me that you were speaking.

It wasn’t my mom freaking

Out about nothing.

Was not her thing

She loved and lived and raised five kids.

She loved a monster and monsters give

Two shits about nothing and she got lots

She suffered in silence and for it got

To forget her life

And the wonder she wrought.

One Response to “Hola Dementia!”

  1. Goddammit mom I love you so much. When you come back it’s like a holiday and I cherish those moments with you! Thank you for your sacrifice!
    Barry Williams recently posted..Hola Dementia!

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