You’ve Got The Whole World In Your Hand

She couldn’t go far.

Strapped to the thing.

Yapped to the ring.

Ran to the thing.

A leash let her roam but

She couldn’t leave home.

When they rang,

They knew where they’d find her.

Four things on the line

And it worked for a time

Day by day they’d unwind

Take turns in kind.

But then one of them finds

A long leash!

Well, hammer on the bells!

The girl goes and tells

The others on the line

They start to unwind

Taking more time

Unsharing line.

It got bad now…

Speakers want there own thing.

They want their own ring.

Throw away the cord.

Thing is now lord.

Each person horde

Their thing is them.

They’re not the gem.

No one knows when

But baby without phone equals nada.

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