What 2017 Done To Me

Got a loan called.

The well went dry.

Aphids beat me.

My gov’t lied to me.

Hada borry 70k to stop me throat from gurgling.

All the while the future swirling.

I got dizzy.

And hacked.

Almost stopped writing but

I’m back.

Got raped on the price of our pro-oh-duct.

Got a little yeowchy ripping rotator cuffs.

Tried a few dozen things that didnt work.

But Kaizen. I worked Kaizen.

Greg man. I worked Greg.

Contrast. He gave me contrast.

But now I see a light in the tunnel.

No longer drinking via funnel.

Saved my daughter and two sons.

My author mother mom.

It was a good time to have a year but hear this!

Twenty-Eighteen is the year we can’t miss!



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