Know Both Sides

The circle has an outside

And an inside, too.

Choose one side and you can do

Anything there, on that side.

But the circle knows

You won’t collide

With the other side.

Cold air in the atmosphere

Thin skin ‘tween you and pain.

You are safe on the inside.

That skin is on a plane.

Metal saves you from the deep.

Safe inside you live and sleep.

Outside warns, if you come, we’ll keep

You here, in the deep, blue sea.

Outside, he was a pleasant man.

Tipping his hat, waving hello friend!

Inside tortured an angry fraud.

Fiercely hating every God.

Spare no child by swinging rod.

This world’s upside down.

Outside man’s a clown.

At least he makes him frown.

And he won’t say good day! to the neighbors.

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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