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When God Comes Back, If God Comes Back.

Jeepers, I’m gonna have a long talk to god. If god ever comes about. I’ll say who in the hell is running this place? But I’d say hell soft, not shout. And god, being god, will probably just smile Thinking I will figure it out. I might ask how, before I think But I wouldn’t […]

Decide Your Ruler

Say nice things about this god. Whom you laud. Most your attention directly on. You no pawn. Never overdrawn. You are new at every dawn and Pray you to yourself. Barry

Choose Your Family

Room you came in is not yours. That room have so many doors. Who come in there, who come out. Comin’ out know not about Chancellor in there and they shout. Fire started, can’t put out. Now you done it. You big lout. Barry  

If You’ve Never Licked The Shit Off A Big ‘Ol Fan, Heaven Ain’t Workin’ For You.

Bad man, she had it. Bubbles on her lower lip. Better on the outside. Show your stuff. Hurtin’ be a little gift. Maybe you had too easy. Maybe it come too soon. Maybe your shit don’t stank enough. Maybe you’re early doon. Got not backbone. Got no scales. Could not save your life Through sales. […]

Whom Is The Primer Of Your Pumpy Pump Pump?

  How do you know when you’ve fallen asleep? Do you pinch yourself from the inside deep? Will you let that dawg lethargy creep And gum up your works until Dumb is sweet or Is there a bull to grab by the horns? Ya got some band-aids for these bloody thorns? How’s another look besides […]

I See You’re Traveling With Pain Man

  He didn’t feel when he was younger, he DID. He didn’t think when he was younger, he SAID. Amygdala what? when he was younger, Hey, the pressure he was under, Was it really any wonder Trippin’ hard from blund to blunder, That he cast his eyes asunder Cause life finally had his number And […]

Unnatural Selection

The lord held his hand out. Said “Come here, cat!” The cat just sat and looked at god. The cat was not afraid of god. The cat would barely even nod. It’s eyes blinked slowly as it turned away. Like god wasn’t god at all… Barry  

The Wondrous Hobby Of Hazard Assessing

  See, things aren’t as they seem. That thick slab of concrete wall section balanced on that truck that your 19 year old son is standing beside? It’s gonna slip off the truck and kill him in three, two, one… Your son. Your nineteen year old, beautiful, beloved son. Course he knew only for a […]

Lovz Me Some Storz & Bickel

Don’t put your mouth on that On that! Don’t put your mouth on that! You’re gonna crack your yap on that! Put your yap trap on that and nap? Who put your yap on trap? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If You Go Into The Woulds Today

Let a little Jesus into your heart. Jesus’ll start To bigger that heart Until you start to See through it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

It’s Intelligent Design All The Way Down

Jesus he knew about stupid. Said stupid shit. Did stupid shit. Ate stupid. Drank stupid. Dressed himself in rags stupid. Jesus he knew about smart. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Little Deaths Get Longer

When you died, I couldn’t see you. You weren’t around no more. Then you came back said You didn’t die. I could see you some more. So I did then it happened again. You died and went to heaven. One day I came out of number six And saw you going in number seven! I […]

Brother, You Took Another Path.

Before you were something I watched you. I watched you grow and heard your no A million times. You yelled let go! Yanked your hand away so I did and you skinned your knee. You paid for freedom. Retail then some. Today redone. Before you were something I watched you. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Yes, He Knew The Big Bad Wolf Was Real And Came A Couple Wolves At A Time.

You know you don’t know. You do, don’t you do? Know and don’t you know what you don’t know will Bring you to now know but You’ll know now you don’t know. You don’t know, you don’t! Thank you, Not Knowing. Barry out.

When This Is Your Dream World

Jesus this place can be a huge shit hole. Where children have to give up hope. And others slide by even some bad guy Sayin’ nope after nope after nope. This ain’t no fifty fifty. This here deck is stacked. But if you play well and often enough, Buddy, got the process cracked. Thank you, […]

Make Life Shiny Then Polish Like A Beggar

Smile and say ahh. Stretch as high as you can. Peer off into the distance. Chuckle for no reason. Now you’re doin’ it right. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

So Many Nails They Could Not Open The Stupid Coffin Lid

Oh now you’ve done it. No way out. Now we hafta go thru. And because you’re the cause And the maker of life. This shake is being baked by you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Poor People Feel The Rode

Oh ya got big tires. Fly by wire. Reboot man little girl. On full flaps. Captain Wise Cracks. Bet it all on black. Not comin back Why would ja? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How a Canadian Lottery Winner Learned The Shocking Value Of Money and Dreams

  At first the dude had me scared shiftless. Sporting a two day old sweaty muscle shirt and grimy jeans, the unkempt, middle aged fellow with greasy hair and more than his fair share of bad tats sauntered into our motel lobby. “How much for two rooms?” ink man inquired gruffly without the slightest acknowledgment […]