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Brother, You Took Another Path.

Before you were something I watched you. I watched you grow and heard your no A million times. You yelled let go! Yanked your hand away so I did and you skinned your knee. You paid for freedom. Retail then some. Today redone. Before you were something I watched you. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

So Many Nails They Could Not Open The Stupid Coffin Lid

Oh now you’ve done it. No way out. Now we hafta go thru. And because you’re the cause And the maker of life. This shake is being baked by you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Everyone Knew There Was A Bottom Of The Boat But No One Wanted To See It

This pig won’t turn. You twist it’s ears and yard It’s nose but This pig won’t turn. Maybe twirl it’s tail. Maybe make a squeal. Maybe pop a blood cell and Blow your voice box… Still no deal. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

If All You Got Is Shit, Separate The Bad Shit From The Good.

You can hold your nose. You can close your eyes. You can plug you ears and fool your tastebuds And call yourself oh so wise. It’s only a disguise. For the other guys. And the other guys wives. But somewhere deep inside, You know… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Look Mister Fixet! Amirror!

You can call me names. You can play your sames. Just remember it’s your life you’re spending. I’ve done my time. Soaked in sublime. Dropped a drip of whine. It’s time I push my big ol plunger down Ah make a whirlysquirrely What’s your hurry? Friendamine pantomime. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Mart Crashes

He flew through windows He flew off bikes. He flew from soft seats to hard rocks On several flights. He dared Doctor Death. Poked him with a stick. The bad doctor snatched it and Rubbed off bark via poop shoot wick. Ooh, that smarts! The Bad Doctor’s sick. But so’s nit wit. For pushing shit. […]

Uh Uh. No Please. Don’t let The Saboteur Of My Life Be Me.

Most folks recognize mistakes. They witness others making them all day long but when the spotlight is turned on them they do the pity patter shuffle. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

It Never Fails When Rocking The Boat

Most folks know about swerving. They swing one way then over correct only to swing the other until hopefully rescued by a ditch. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Can Try Different Things And Get The Same Damn Results

Most folks know about insects. They screech at them, swat at them and spray them into nonexistence but the insects, they keepa commin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Life Thief Anger

Most folks get upset. They try not to total their upset-ness though because wasted days don’t add up, they only subtract. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If You Can’t Save Yer Life Who Will?

Most folks drift through reality. They twist and turn at every twist and turn and when it’s their turn to twist, they turn. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Don’t Think For One Second You Are In Control. You’re NOT.

Many people think they are free to act as they wish. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are so many unseen and unconsidered influences impinging upon our consciousness that our choice making capacities are virtually overwhelmed, sidetracking the vast majority of any uncompelled contemplation we can muster. This coloring of our awareness is waay […]

Wrongaholic Twelve Steps – Step 4: Who The Hell Are You?

What in the world were you thinking?! If you’ve ever heard this apprehensive question and at least somewhat understood the reason it was asked, you will easily be able to grasp today’s intriguing subject as we investigate the perplexing human condition of multiple personalities. But even if you have never considered how a person can […]

The Self Actualization Blues – Few Humans Find The Prize in their Popcorn. Why?

Life is like a barrel of monkeys. You’ve got your barrel, your monkeys and everything else. Some of the keener folks among us have figured out that the trick to living a full life is to spend less time watching the monkeys or their barrel and more effort attempting to decipher everything else. And “everything […]

Confirmation Bias – You Can Lead a Horse To Knowledge But Cannot Make It Think

Sometimes Evidence Needs To Be Bludgeoned In “You’re bloody right I am right and you watch your mouth!” I heard this pugnacious paternal pap waay too often during my adolescent years but no amount of snarly spiels could ever make me buy it. “Who cares what they say!” I would hap-hazardously insinuate to my siblings, […]

Hazing – Tastes Awful, Works Great!

The guys could not wait to urinate on somebody. Even though I was only twelve years old, I immediately understood that this was a powerful force which would require intelligent and cautious containment. The wacky discovery revealed itself to me as I recruited my brother into my new gang: The Government Rode Bicycle Club. In […]

Death In The Fast Lane – The Crazy Concept of Pedestrian Crosswalks

The agonizing crunch catapulted Mrs. Vouch Chau’s smashed body 106 feet from the point of impact. Crosswalks Are Fracture Factories Every second of deadly trauma played out like a violent, slow motion movie for Mrs Chau’s horrified children and husband who were trailing mere inches behind her on the crosswalk. Only fate kept the entire […]

Corruption – Don’t Say You Haven’t Got It In You

Oh yeah, and everybody walk like me, okay? “Hah!” blurted the young police officer, “No one is honest!” This was the automatic and Freudian slippish reply to a question I had just posed to a Brandon City Police officer regarding his perception of the average person’s level of integrity. And while I found his audacious […]

Are Companies Amoral or Are We Witnessing a Diffusion of Responsibility?

Dying Early is just Stupid. Don’t Do It! I really hope fifteen year old Andrew James died quickly. July 25, 2008 was a cool, overcast summer morning and Andrew was acting like thousands of young people his age. He hoped to earn a few extra dollars over the summer by working as a laborer for […]

I Respectfully Disagree

When I tap you Twice with my answer sword, that means NO! No! Don’t touch That! If you say these words sternly to most young children they will automatically be filled with apprehension and uncertainty. And just by staring at the kid once you’ve reprimanded them – especially if you have big, scary eyebrows like […]

I Know I Don’t Know

Aww Man! I stepped in Something! Life is confusing in a big way. And its not getting any simpler or easier to figure out. We stumble through each day not knowing that we’re stumbling or mumbling or maybe even grumbling. We’re on autopilot and its no wonder that more of us aren’t killed while we […]

How To Enjoy Riding Your Circadian Cycle

Hey, how bout moving up to a Racing Heart? Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump. I hope you hear that thumping noise, too, because it means that like me, you have a heart. And as I tap tap away on these silly little chiclets our hearts, lungs and entire kit and kabootle are running some […]

Formula for Increasing Personal Trust

Abe wisely skipped a gun duel. He wasn’t perfect. Want to enhance your personal trustworthiness? Give yourself a secret to keep. Do something good (or bad, but the good route works for more people) and don’t tell anybody about it. If you can perform the secret with style, so much the better… Mom’s The Word […]

This Ain’t Personal

Now Barry, don’t take this the wrong way because it’s not personal. My mind swooned and a wicked reality yanked my wobbly life force free of its moorings as those familiar words ram jammed my possibility pipe. THIS…IS…NOT…PERSONAL. But just the same you are fired, Fired, FIRED! Just a little white line is all. Okay, […]

Get Your Phil

Take Me To Your Cleaners! I’ve been a dupe most of my life. Wide eyed and naive, I stumbled through existence believing almost everything people told me. One day I finally figured out that life is a bell curve and depending on where I’ve situated my beliefs in it, that’s the pain or gain heading […]

Fear Who? ME?!

One hour ago I received a phone call from  John R, a Sheriff with The Saskatchewan Government. Draw! if you have enough lead in your pencil… Sheriff John is seriously interested in getting some payback for the creditors of my last business failure and he asked me some hard questions about how I plan to […]

Mishandling Power

Not once in my life did anyone talk to me about power or how to handle it. Here I’m speaking about personal or position power – the ability to influence people simply through “being” – maybe because you’re someone’s oldest brother, boss or guru. Because I had little knowledge about this critical aspect of management, […]

See No Evil

Having rose colored glasses has its drawbacks. As a big business buffoon I believed so much in positive outcomes I began to gloss over the mistakes that (mostly) me and my followers invented. In the manufacturing business this behavior was horrific because we continued to reproduce those un-admitted errors over and over again until there […]

Big Mistake Number 2 – Victimitis

As a child I remember being quite certain about the existence of rules for fair fighting. You know, things like; no kicking folks in the head, shouting UNCLE means the scrap is over and smacking girls is way out of bounds. It’s kind of interesting that I was never made aware of any similar protective […]

Big Mistake Number 1 – Wasn’t Me!

The tough times you may be enduring were created by and for you. The life saving solution and implementation of it must come from you as well.