Don’t Think For One Second You Are In Control. You’re NOT.

Many people think they are free to act as they wish.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

There are so many unseen and unconsidered influences impinging upon our consciousness that our choice making capacities are virtually overwhelmed, sidetracking the vast majority of any uncompelled contemplation we can muster.

This coloring of our awareness is waay deeper than the age old nature / nurture discussion implies in that even our beliefs about time itself  cast a significant effect upon our decisions.

Can you feel the regulation of these non obvious yet very influential aspects of your life?

  1. Blood Sugar Level
  2. Planetary and Local Magnetic Fluctuation
  3. Neighbors / Neighborhood
  4. Air Quality
  5. Air Pressure
  6. Nationality
  7. Religious Beliefs of Your Parents
  8. Favorite Music / Artists
  9. Odor
  10. Color
  11. ELF Soundwaves
  12. Personal and Present Height in relation to surroundings
  13. Hunger
  14. Boredom Level
  15. Light Level
  16. Temperature
  17. Proximity to Others
  18. Expectation of Others
  19. Recent Promises Made By You
  20. Past Promises Made To You
  21. Physical Balance
  22. Skin Color
  23. Sexual Persuasion
  24. Current Win / Lose Statistics of Favorite Sports Team
  25. Current Frustration Level & Proximity to Most Recent Disappointment
  26. Wind Speed
  27. Belief in Personal Problem Solving Skills
  28. Level of Societal Conformity
  29. Being Watched
  30. Owned By A Pet
  31. Coupons
  32. Shape
  33. Texture
  34. Posture
  35. Sleep Deprivation & Circadian / Ultradian Cycles

Our concept of reality is so manipulated by obtuse aspects beyond our control and appreciation that one is almost foolhardy to suggest that we have any real ability to make truly “FREE”  decisions.

So before any of us accepts too much credit for the events occurring in our lives, it behooves us to first determine exactly what or who is responsible for them.

Because when we finally get that figured out, the good parts can be replicated ad infinitum…

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Now, listen to this hymn while taking a few minutes to scratch out a Note To Self on how much you like the person called me.

(Thanks to my good friend Bill for introducing Fats to me)

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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  1. 1

    Is it any wonder that I can barley function, with so much stuff going on? No doubt, it’s not my fault. I wrote this while listening to the Fats Waller tune. How appropriate; blew my mind!
    Hansi recently posted..Dear Hansi

  2. 5
    Barry Williams

    Yeah, I agree with you that what goes around comes around – a bit.

    The way I see it, What Comes Around is kind of like being in a storm.

    Everybody within a certain area is affected & some folks more than others. What “comes around” has a limit on how far out it will be “coming around” and the effect of it coming around changes depending on how close we are to the coming.


    Thanks Zahid, have a grand day.

  3. 6
    John McNally

    Barry, I’ve just had a storm blow through my mind. The doctors are calling it a “Manic Episode”. They haven’t decided what else was wrong with me yet.

    I last had one of these “episodes” 35 years ago. I kept myself sane with regular doses of beer. Then I decided to give up beer for a week. BIG MISTAKE!

    I’ve just listened to Fats Waller, with Pink Floyd playing in the background, it wasn’t a big racket like you may think, it actually worked quite well with Fats vocals turned up high.

    Leamington Spa, England
    John McNally recently posted..How to AVOID the Finger!

    • 7
      Barry Williams

      I used to think that I suffered from some type of depression as well.

      Now I understand that I suffer from being me.

      Awareness is a bitter pill to swallow and now I understand why so few folks take that route. Whaaa?! is a much easier path and there is plenty of friendly company there, too.

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