God Will Kill You

Some people try to bite god once.

God swats ’em outa the sky.

Other folks nibble at god’s big feet.

They try to bite god, they try.

Stomp! Goes god and they go away.

Giving other non-biters the chance to prey,

They say…

God will help you!

God’s your friend!

Y’ain’t meeting god tho’

Until you send

Some blood.

Some cud.

Give us something to chew on!

And if you do we’ll let you in on

The the fact that god cares about you not.

Sink your teeth into that and show us what you got.

Cause god ain’t givin’ you shit.

What you came with, you leaving with.

And in between…

Stay the hell outa god’s way!

And no biting!



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