They Signed A Non-Disclosure About The NDA

There wasn’t much to talk about.

When everyone had their say.

There were polite hellos

And hey, nice car!

And isn’t this a wonderful day?

And how are you I’m okay!

And saying this many ways.

So it doesn’t get boring.

No one wants waring

Ideas and thoughts or dirty talking.

Ignore that filthy mouth!

Keeps it up, he is out!

Out of society!

Won’t be quiet, he

Needs a firm boot on his thoat!

Toss a man into his moat.

Bugger can’t swim then float!

Talkin’ back done cause he won’t

Climb from the moat again

Less he subjects and then

Maybe be allowed to climb out.

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  1. The boy had Harkensons. He was in bad shape!

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