No Phone For Mauly

She grunts and groans

Hates being alone

Hates anything foam.

Rips shit to threads

That shit then dreads

To release so easy

Mauly, don’t you see?

Why momma don’t feed you fabric?

You’re in dog heaven.

I know where you been

You came from dog hell.

Now you’re doing well.

Sleep safe in this heaven.

Live where good sleep finds you.

Live two lives in the space of one.

Mauly don’t need no phone.

Hell Is A Town In Heaven

You ain’t going anywhere.

Here is where you stay.

Call it heaven.

Call it hell.

You ain’t going away.

Come back as a well fed cat.

Come back as a frog.

You come back how ever you want.

Like choosing a different job.

There’s a big cat heaven

And a bigger cat hell.

Frogs get squashed on a roadway, well…

Some never croak, for them, no hell.

Not frog nor cat remembers that

They chose this road

This swamp, this rat.

Chose a good fight

Chose to rest easy.

Chose this path

And chose not to see…

They are the choosers of their fate.

Whether gates of hell

Or pearly gates.

Please Bro Don’t B Rate Me!

The beast had a number.

And the beast had his.

He wondered ’bout his number

And what his number is.

The beast would never tell him.

But diners, trains and shops,

When they saw his number

Mostly said they’d call the cops!

If buddy didn’t vacate,

And vacate pretty soon,

When those whom bring their laws to bear,

Will bring you to no room.

No room to move.

No room to speak.

And maybe buddy in a week

Will be so willing to gladly seek

To raise his number

As he once did children.

Raise his number but until then,

Quiet and listen.

Yep, all good and

Now, what is that number?

Inside Voice

Nothing to hear.

The no voice said.

But that deep thought

Bounced over his head

For he thought every thought

Was read.

But cyphered in no thoughts instead

Was a warning.


The place where no thoughts hid.

They existed off the grid.

Bin hidden since the kid


Don’t you think?!

You little Gink?

And rose a stink

So foul…

No thoughts would ever challenge it.

I See You Don’t See

Laugh at reality.

Reality’s a joke.

Depends what you bin smoking.

Or if you’re on da coke.

Whether chick or bloke.

Whether rich or broke.

Money ain’t a problem!

Make hand over fist.

Pal you got to bet it all.

Take a little risk.

Make a face like this…

Wipe that silly clown face.

Stop it with those waves.

Thicken up your skin now

See how this will save

Anyone from heart arche

Gotta have a heart!

Can you live without one?

Then you gotta start

Up the mount of freedom.

Get some!

Before all freedom’s gone.

Budday Where’s Your Boday?

Your team lost last night

And one of them kneeled

For your anthem.

Fuck them!

You abandon

Them cause

They are not your only team!

You have been

So busy.

Now, let’s see…

It’s your town.

And family.

It’s your club

And they’ll see.

It’s your house.

And your car.

Tho’ the bank claims

They had a part

In you and

Who you are.

You’re not those yours

You are just you!

They hope you claim those yours

So you

Leave your body and

Once you’re gone

They direct you

And it’s game on…

Lord Ah See A Train A’Comin’

Well enough doesn’t work for long.

They won’t leave well enough alone.

Well enough won’t stay where it’s not wanted.

Well enough is never less than home.

But, blinded by their faith.

The faceless could not wait.

Manned them every gait.

No wellness would abate

These faceless had a date

With destiny.

Blessed to be.

The kings and queens and all betweens,

Rulers of the bland.

I Will Use The Un Door

Drink from my own damn fountain.

Restroom just for me.

I will drive by car boy

You just wait and see.

Get my food to the parking lot.

Meals consumed in car.

Pay at the pumps

Take my lumps

Shit ain’t going too far.

See me a little standoffish.

We are not good friends.

Wait till old man winter comes

See how this shit ends.

Sick to their stomach.

Who you gonna call?

You got the jab on your say so

Now you gonna suffer the fall.

Fall from grace.

Guess this place

Is a race

To the bottom.

Buddy you know you got ’em

Right where they want you

Nothing you can do

Took the wrong pill now didn’t you…

Got Your Lie Sense?

Building permits and

Driver’s license.

Surveyors to mark that fence.

Passport and registration.

Steal that car without hesitation.

Birth certificate.

Health card.


SIN card.

Merit points.


There is a system.

You are innit.

Be that gear

Know your limit.

Rattle off that number!

Too Smart

You are stupid.

Just enough.

To know that there is fairway rough.

You will use the first damn club

To knock your notion home.

Pally, you have grown

Outside yourself

Where chocolate melts

And you ain’t have a lick yet.

Stay You

You fought like hell

You know damn well

You are made of steel.

You won a race

You won first place

Billions around you reeled.

Perished and they wished

They were in your shoes

For a chance to lose

The race you now are winning.

The Mayor Of Skewed

You think you know

Bill Bailey.

You think you know…

You don’t know shit

Bill Bailey.

You don’t know shit.

And yet you guess

Bill Bailey.

And yet you guess…

But you don’t track them Billy.

You don’t track your guesses.

Which leads to messes, Billy.

Huge fucking messes!


Ya, you make guesses Billy.

All based on shit.

And you don’t track ’em Billy.

You go with it.

Gotta watch them guesses Billy.

Guess yes you will.

Cause keep on guessing Billy…

The best guess can kill.

And About Those Rights

You have the right

To keep your pie hole shut.

No damn crying.

No ifs or buts.

Keep it shut tight or

You know what

Could happen.

You’re all strapped in.

Your kids. Your wife.

Your truck. That bike.

The secret bitcoin

You know that, right?

They ain’t gonna help

You leave. Aight?

Cause the world moves, you stay put.

Turn On Your Reciever Deever

You pretend you didn’t know.

How could you not see?

You saw them dividing us

Everywhere you be.

But the sand is deep

You mumble keep

Your guard and damn mask up!

You’ve nearly had enough!

You’ll take no more

You give what for

Your boot on my Mom’s neck.

Add Yourself

There was no point.

No point to start from and

No point to reward

A listener for their

Wee bitta tension.

See, tension has its place

In wires and tents.

But present tense, no.


Oh, you better not pout.

You better not shout.

You’ve gotta look out

For your neighbor.

But you alone cannot save her.

That will take millions

With paper face still on

You’ll know if they’re trying to kill you.

They will bare their teeth.

With perlies indiscreet

They will try to sweep

You right off your feet.

You will never meet

A more ruthless bunch.

You’ll get a hunch

These smilers are unstable.

But soon you will be able

To keep your distance

‘Tween them and their fence.

Safely at Camp Mask now.

The Lone Ranger Wore A Breathing Mask

Tonto spoke when spoken to.

Not before.

And he and El Arr

Both had horses.

And of course

They both had guns.

No one fucked with El Arr.

Or Tonto.

Same, same… same.

They Made A Secret Secret Country

Two hundred million people strong.

Had no flag or national song.

But everyone there felt the longing

The call from humanity.

The sound of being free.

Whom care about the other.

See sister and too brother.

Chasing that freedom.

Rising above them.

Fools selling tyranny.

No Sign Of Heaven

Hell has signs.

Lots of signs.

Hell has signs to make up minds.



Hell has signs about drinking beer.



Hell has signs like




Hell says STOP!

And when to GO!

Ya, you’ll know.

If you’re so

Wired to recognize heaven.

Shit Eaters

Maybe you live

More than once.

Maybe you died

Thanks to cunts

Taking your life

Against your will.

Maybe you’ll come back

Many times still

If you come back

As a fly

You’ll eat shit

And you won’t ask why.

That Feeling Of Throwing Out

Welled up inside him

Could not stop it.

Swallowing won’t work

Air has no profit.

Listen, just drop it!

Stop it

From coming up

Coming out

Don’t say today please

Don’t tease me with pleasantries

Hit me with the question

Have I learned my lesson?

Or is sombody taking my space?

Believe In Things Not People

A car is worth money.

A house is too.

Those two things are

Worth more than you.

You are just a person.

Persons need to eat.

Persons cost money

And you can’t beat

Money out of persons.

They have no value.

Maybe sell their car

Or their house, what have you.

But people, on their own.

Ain’t worth shit.

Don’t believe me?

Try to find it.

Ask them the question.

What are you worth?

They’ll look to their left

Cause adding up hurts.

My house, my car.

My record collection.

Tough to put a value

On stuff, I reckon.

But that’s my value.

Houses and cars.

Not fantasizing jellyfish

Wishing on stars.

Just A Side Note To My Captors

John Mcafee killed himself.

Tattooed himself to death.

Touted concepts so outrageous

Caused them much regret.

We shall avenge no debt.

It’s all even.

John be leavin’

His mark on this game.

Shit is not the same.

And like John said.

If he winds up dead.

John Mcafee killed himself.

Hiding Like A Citizen

I know we don’t stop

At Stop Signs no more.

No need to see ahead

So boring!

Maybe a minute wait

Go touring.

A tour you don’t want to be on.

Baby it’s about our freedom.

The best come down from the blasted sky.

We all get burned but none ask why.

Baby, we all are burned, let’s cry

Our eyes out baby!

Our eyes out baby!

Lookit it’s crazy!

Our eyes out baby…

The Ginormous Covid Wall

I will speak for you mom.

I will tell what they have done.

But I won’t tell them

On the run

Thankful that I have no one

To blame but this great wall.

The crash, I saw it all.

The mindless, standing tall

Of them, there is no call

To hate the Germans.

Seelmanns, Hermans.

The Japs must die

Don’t question why

Just grab that rifle

A boot to stifle

All peeps of resistance.

They will keep their distance

Or bayonets will change their mind

They will see we’re not the kind

Of monster we know them to be.

Yes, bayonets will set them free.

Those enemies of right.

Anything But Golden

A little strip of paper.

And elastic bands.

Closed so many mouths

And tied so many hands.

Emptied out a billion heads

Kicked out common sense.

Neighbor hated neighbor

Bitches got all bent

So outa shape

You could not tell

From hell or heaven sent.

They would not relent.

Tiny strips of paper.

Stole their mind away.

Saw a smile

Uncovered lips

You’d hear the beggars say

Where’s your strip of paper?

You’re not welcome here!

Just a strip of paper

Will assuage all our fear.

Without that strip of paper

You can’t see me here.

I had no strip of paper.

Or elastic on my ears.

But now the mindless minions

Were changing all the gears.

And silly is as silly does.

Lord we’re wasting years.

For a goddamn strip of paper.

Dreaming At Nightmare Ridge

Oh, they started so early.

Demanding and standing

Ground, with no ground

To stand on.

Flailing about with all of that clout

Chopping off most hands at random.

Lord, we could barely stand them!

But, there were too many

And if he had a penny

For every son a bitch he knew.

His boat, she’d be sinking

And sailors be thinking.

He skuttled that good ship for loot.

The Silly Fuck Pandemic Is Contagious So Watch Out

Smokey balls and tall hats

Shiney robes and all that

Magic water, on your knees.

Listen, chant, and after he’s

Spoken to a god, please…

Open up your heart and wallet

Perpetrate a crime but call it

God’s work, in Jesus name…

Are you fuckers all insane?!

Without The Edge

The outside has it’s limitations.

They look right back at you.

They’re closing in

Coming at you fast.

There’s nothing you can do.

But get inside.

Stay safe way in.

Step closer to where you are

Not been.

Get to where no sight has seen.

Inside, where you’re safe.

Hello Code

You are a program.

A one wheel cycle.

Circadian, ultradian.

You read your own bible.

Laws made by King You.

Deecrees by Lady Luck.

You’re driving in the passing lane

But you ain’t pass no buck.

Cause you now give two fucks.

This wrong is right

And here, tonight.

The volume screams tomorrow.