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Shadows For Sale Or Rent

Stick with the original story. Tomorrow, you be sorry. Sorry you met them. Had words with them. They will make up stories.

If You Come Late To The Game It’s Still A Game

  Sports for your entertainment. A language for your entertainment. A promise for your entrainment. They yell Hey Asshole! (don’t turn around) They ignite hassle. (you’re mortgage bound) Do as directed. (don’t fool around) Make your mind theirs (or you will be ground) Into dust. You’ll be busted. A person not trusted. They will have […]

Look In

Crash! Bang! Bink! Something outside. It wants you to look. Look and keep looking. Look without thinking. Not even about the look you took. Don’t think about thinking. Think about drinking. Wouldn’t an altered state be nice? Listen, stop speaking. Ignore the wheel squeaking. Don’t make us tell you twice. You stay out here now. […]

When Contrast Is Low

In the dark dude said I’m a really tall guy and Boy can I run fast! Thena sun came round Lit uppa whole ground Sun found dude bound To a wheelchair. Thank you, friend. Barry out.