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Why I Edit My Stories Live And Write Some Crazy Shite In The Process

There is a big difference between disrobing in private versus public. That is exactly the power I employ to edit stories quickly and continuously (as the concepts clarify themselves) and if I attempted to do this without considering my readers the result would be much different. Just imagining that folks are watching me creates a […]

Today’s Wrong Is Yesterday’s Right

Human knowledge is a staircase leading to many levels of comprehension. On level one we’ll find stuff that was true way back when our world was flat with an edge to drop off and on level two people think that a horse is the fastest thing on earth. The third level is jammed with folks […]

Life Exists Before, During And After Death

Hunger exists before, during and after eating. Sexual desire exists before, during and after sexual activity. Bewilderment exists before, during and after gaining wisdom. Life is consistent micro / macro – all the way down and right back to the top again. Same shite sideways, too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Corporations Don’t Hate People But Every Smack Smarts & Adds Up Just The Same

“This is just business so don’t take it personal. Clean out your desk, you’re fired.” “Sargent Johnny Walker will see you out. Goodbye.” Legally organized enterprises have an interesting way of interpreting reality and whenever one talks with a company representative we can’t help but feel like there is an elephant in the room whose […]

Wherever We Cast Our Gaze Be Shite. Lots Of It.

“Are you lookin’ for trouble, mister?” is a question being asked all over the world today. Its a good question too because many folks are looking for trouble and they don’t realize it – even though its piling up all around them. What people ought to consider is that the past is jamb packed with […]

I Go Where My Mind Takes Me Cliff

Oh, to have the ability to just be quiet. To just be quiet. Nice and quiet. To not sneeze or cough or fart just as my not hot pursuers race by. That rat there would be so very very nice, I bet. Thank you, friend. Barry out Please visit this site because it looks to […]

Hopelessness Is All But Lost For Anyone Addicted To Kaizen

One teeny whiff of continuous improvement is all it takes to truly screw someone up for good. From that point forward, they are hooped because getting better everyday on purpose resembles nothing most of us have ever fooled with before. Kaizen has this unspeakable ability of spreading completely through our entire reality and the unsettling […]

Wanna Stare Out My Peep Hole?

Joe just sits there, looking through that gap in his door. I wonder what he’s thinking…Joe. What does he think he sees? Well, I guess a small crack life is better than no life at all and I got only a little bigger tube to look through myself. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And Some People Will Be Pissed Off Because We’re Ahead Of Schedule

When folks find out about plans they get intrigued in a hurry. What does this mean and what the hail are we gonna do about it? Joe is getting paid more than me. Jilly gets a car. Didn’t what’s his name just get a pension? Its the knowing that there is something else available that […]

Not Recalling Whether Your Boss Was Told To Fuck Off Or Not Feels Just Like He Was

Folks who learn how guilt is manufactured and delivered live a better life. They look down from the manager’s office at the plant floor to see what is being produced and by whom. Then they watch like hawks to see if its being delivered by shipload or wheelbarrow, paid for or not. And they know […]

Hah Hah! Now Life Owes Us A Day!

Few folks enjoy being on the ‘pay us by Tuesday or else…’ end of a loan. The unspoken feeling of indebtedness is a burden on the debtor and the loan provider can take their rightful place on the natural hierarchy of reality for being so big hearted and all. The only thing we have to […]

Me Plays Wit Myself

Me embarrasses myself. Me undervalues myself. Me assures myself. Me stretches myself. Me undermines myself. Me fails myself. Me hates myself. Me forgives myself. Me listens to myself. Me misses myself. Me loves myself. Me remembers myself. Me helps myself. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If We Wanna Do Champagne Outa Big Cups We Gotta Pay The Timer-dimer

At this point in Custer’s Last Stand, dude was crying for his mama, not bugling. All things worth doing are worth doing well and that takes practice, practice, practice. That’s how life works. It makes stuff hard to complete, tough to repeat and just as soon as we become very good normal behavior saunters in […]

Hammered Every Second Part 1

Alcoholics Anonymous is effective for a small percentage of folks. I propose a new system of reducing alcohol consumption by getting slammed every second day instead of every day. Can we wait oone daaay to get snapped up? Because if we can the savings to inventory, our liver and cash trickle could be rat in […]

Every Worthwhile Project Consumes Its Creator But Some Don’t Chew Their Fodder

Most folks have little indication of their impending doom. And ‘nobody moves, nobody gets hurt’ is the cultural sentiment of cautious survivors desiring longer lives that expresses the fact that shakers and movers are taking a risk and it’s likely bigger than they think. The fact is that our endeavours can and often do ravage […]

Snag That Handrail So We Can Head Safely Down Into The Bowels Of Hell

The last thing folks ought to do is slip and fall down the stairs entering Hades. Its not bad enough that a person is even headed that way and now they want to add insult to injury? But this is what awaits every sad puppy from Life Over Ave who perform their existence ending maneuver […]

Time To Snap Open A Can Of Placebo Whoop-Ass On Life

When even shrinks won’t  talk to a certain fella, we know we’re contemplating a nasty bit of work. An appropriate description of Barry L. Williams, apparently. After being on a wait list for 5 weeks, my local mental health professionals just informed me that they won’t consider meeting with me until I stop taking my […]

Not In The Presence Of Jim You Won’t

Humans are biological devices generating and operating within magnetic fields. Each device has its own particular field pattern and these patterns interact and influence one another through interference, modulation, and entrainment. Some folks like my mineral minded friend Jim sport the kind of powerful magnetosphere that can fry anyone not properly insulated while ensuring that […]

An EyePatch Full Of Maybe

Even though I have nothing, perhaps that’s okay. Maybe the zip owned by me is better by a long shot compared to the nada held by others. No doubt some folks feel they have an edge on tough but sooner or later somebody comes along who lived a heck of  lot less. Thank you, friend. […]

The Words Afterwards

Almost all folks get themselves into situations they wish they hadn’t. “If I had my druthers” they say in the hope that verbalizing a different reality will actually allow to it to unfold, “I would do that whole thing different and wouldn’t be in this friggin spot right now.” The secret is to look into […]

We Going To Land. Even Wit You Out Da Plane.

A million idea ships sail every day. Anybody want to get on board? Or is everyone onboard already I oneder? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

About Those Folks That Saw Me Dump The Old Man’s Body

My father didn’t care what was done to the remains after he was through with his carcass. “Light me up” he said mischievously, “and toss what’s left away.” Thankfully there are professional body burners who spared us the trauma of torching old dad and they did so in a manner which likely wouldn’t have bothered […]

It’s NOT Tit For Tat! There Are Three TITS!

Allow Yourself To Be Ignored. Even By You.

No one should eat and shite and produce nothing butt. All who dirty the water must contribute to its flow and swimming sans cleaning should be the foulest act on earth but because we fail to recognize the fabric generating this entire web we see wholes that don’t exist and miss plenty of places where […]

One Hundred Thousand Choices And That’s JUST In This SuperMarket!

The vast majority of folks have no real idea what they are capable of. They get comfortable shopping at one grocery store and without giving it a second thought fall silent victim to the unknown limitations of store managers (who rule the world) by easily adapting to their constraints. Repeat this activity over a lifetime […]

On A Glide Path? Daze Off Why Doan Cha?

Life grinds to a start and a halt. It sparks into existence and flashes out which probably explains our tendency to fireworks and exploding towers. And at the outset of every outsetting it don’t hurt to hover for signs of tracer bullets with the knowledge that those beggars are working double duty and will pick […]