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Some Almost Gasket Set The Pace At Which We Could Take A Break

Many folks aspire to power. They wonder what it must be like to order people around regardless of what they thought was a better use of their time & it turns out to be just like parenting. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Ya, I’m stealing from my children but uh, doan tell dem, kay?

When The Bill Came Due It Was Crystal Clear Something Just Didn’t Add Up

Many folks understand the doubling pennies thing. They realize that compounding small numbers quickly turns them into large numbers which become so big so fast that the zeros boggle the mind of the damned curious. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Better get ready for a good shellacking.  

War Cures Those Whom It Devours But The Unconsumed Remain Infected

Most folks know that force fixes nothing. They have slammed a door just to get it to close or had to jimmy a drawer to coax it open and both of those efforts left marks that not only did not add to the appeal of the now bruised item but initiated simple means which will […]

Sheeps Go Down And Countries Go Down When They Take On Too Much Outside

Most folks stick to stirring their own pot. They have enough trouble brewing to meet their own demands let alone assisting in any wave making for surf suffering neighbors who, if they would mind their own baller business, could bake. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Surfer Lingo:

Please, If You Can, Don’t Beat Yerself Up. That There Is Someone Else’s Job.

Most folks survive being kicked around. They were dropped like a hot potato from a social group or company into which they previously invested a fair bit of life and while they were recovering from shell-shock the rest of the herd huddled arse out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.   image source:

Yer Best Trackers Don’t Invent Their Tracks But In Every Dirt Dent They See Shit

Most folks go about their business. They keep their nose to the grindstone and outa other people’s back yards on account of there are so many fish to fry these daze that all the old ones gonna git thrown back. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Captain! Over here!

If Happiness Had A Scale Of One To Ten Some People Would Rate A Yeller

Most folks know the good life when they live it. They have a difficult time describing it in detail and likely wouldn’t try to mimic it too often on account of full throttle being something that should be available upon demand and yet engaged only as necessary. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How To Survive If Yer Good Times Have Rolled

Many folks think about cutting back. They forget about cutting left, cutting right or doing the stop, drop and roll thing if shite gets a bit too hot and those same people will not consider passing the hot potato to any one else, no matter how many cool hand Lukes surround them. Thank you, friend. […]

Dude Didn’t Set Out To Be The King Of Ambiguity That Hat Fell On Him Is All

Most folks know what they mean. They may not realize that others don’t have a gawd damn clue as to what they are trying to say but inside their human beans they know with crystal clearness what they fucking meant. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Just Because I Call You Seester Doesn’t Mean We’re Having Insects

Most folks are confused by words. They don’t understand the difference between burglary and robbery nor socialism or partisanship and bombarded with tons of bullshite words they don’t comprehend will have what everyone else is havin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Dirty sons-a-pupsters.

And One Day Soon Everyone Will Know That Each Person Got Their Own Back

Many folks have fallen and then couldn’t get up. They likely called out for help and none coming anytime soon clued them in to the fact that for the foreseeable agony filled future they were on their lonesome and without responders to pleas for assistance they bit their bullet and yarded themselves straight out of […]

Garbage Gal-oops From His Slippery Lips And Could But Will Not Be Stopped

I say some stupid shit. Or it comes from my fingers. Either way, the language that springs from me is straight from the horses ass on account of I am not getting in the way of any ideas that want to escape into reality through my ignent pie hole. So what I see is what […]

Dude Triggers Arse Movements Every Hour. He High Tides His River Of Shit.

Many folks are marking time. They might be flipping calendars or actually crossing off daze but whatever, it’s still being pissed away. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Let’s see you face one of these mothefuckers mano a mano.  

Do I Care If There Is A Reader

Of course I care if there is a reader. Like everyone else I want to be read loud and clear. Ex en why, five five six, A for apple come in, are you there George? No, maybe you’re not and garshdanggit… maybe ahma not all here eader. Uh, whar… whar’s muh… Thank you, friend. Barry […]

How To Make People Think Whatever They Want

Many folks know persuasion. They employ it upon them selves first and once they get that party started then lookout because shit’s all downhill from there. Thank you, friend. Barry out. If I’m writing this stuff for someone else, just let me know. I can be excused as ya know.

Check And See If Today Is Okay Because Tomorrow Might Be Your Day

Most folks wouldn’t live on a reservation. They would feel a bit too confined on account of being told where their entire future resided because nobody wants to be held back on account of some map or calendar. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How To Move When You Hear Propaganda

Most folks don’t take oaths. They might have pledged allegiance to someone or something but it don’t count if no one else wants to do it. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Mark one take one.

The Lawd Who Demands Purposeful Pain Is A Gang Leader Not A Good Deity

Most folks know about guilt. They understand that its supposed to work like a fence which keeps the faithful from burning them selves any more than is absolutely necessary. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Jesus H. Christ. If only he could see us now…  

Da Lottery Ain’t Fixed. The State Ain’t A Scam. KidSkinners CAN’T Rule The World.

Most folks will never wield real power. They, like 80 percent of other humans, likely have a tough time getting anyone to do what they ask them to do so how are you gonna get kids and yer most reputable people to pull that bull-shite? Thank you, friend. Barry out. How bout keep it normal […]

Contrast Mental Cage Removal. Jis Bite Yer Tongue And Luke Around.

Most folks have preconceived notions. They certainly cannot be blamed for having them and until they realize they are infected with foreign thinking its udder’s people’s bizness as usual. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Some ‘in movin’ under dat car.

Holy Jeepers The Real World Is A Farly Different Place

Most folks have a home life. They likely also have a work life, spiritual life, secret life, political life, online life, credit life and gawd knows how many other potential hostages. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I said NO ONE IS FUCKING GETTING OUT UNLESS WE ALL FUCKING GET OUT!! YOU FUCKING GOT THAT!!

You Will Transcend Conditioning, Simply Listen To This Voice. You Will Transcend

Many folks know indoctrination. They see every brand, every religion and every nation on earth attempting to win everybody over to their way of thinking, all the time. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Limit of three per customer. How many are you? High Art – interview with crazy fucker David Hillman

And Before Anyone Coulda Predicted It Every Car Barn Was Fulla Shite Too

Many folks know about materialism. They view it as a kind of religion which encourages adherents to own so many shoes and watches and jackets that they are forced to rent expensive possession prisons. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How Could I Be Sofa King Stupid Is A Query Borne Of Superior Intelligence

Most folks don’t catch themselves making mistakes. They focus on things they have done right and dwelling on their own sainthood drapes the staircase to heaven with such slippery fabric that their flailing attempt to save themselves usually pulls several people’s rug out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Crack A Grin And Yer Grin Will Get You Cracked

Many folks know about smile neutral. They understand that this is some kind of government regulation to ensure that humans act more like the robots they are supposed to be. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shit’s crazy y’all.  

The Spook From Dunning Kruger Said That Half Bakes Run The Show

Most folks know about the masses. They don’t normally associate themselves with the hordes though because group think is stupid and they are the leaders for criminies sake. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Yeah well, don’t look at me…

Be Happy To Be On Top Yer Game Especially When It’s Bucking

Most folks expect completely predictable. They want it more than the boredom it brings to any party and people can get extremely anxious whenever ‘for certain’ goes on the blink, wiping out any opportunity to mine these adventures for their valuable contrast. Thank you, friend. Barry out. At’s why the talking cure works. Mining contrast.

One Year Ago I Thought I Was Crazy. Today I Know Why I Am.

Most folks accept reality. They figure why try to decipher shite when all they’re gonna do is get upset on account of nothing being like they want. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If Anyone Can Drive You ‘Round The Bend Impossible Is Not Possible

Most folks are affected by others. They assume it is Tom, Dick or Mary that is causing them to feel or act a certain way but without themselves in the room there would be no receiver. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Galloping Horse That Carries Our Life Knows Exactly Where It’s Headed

Most folks care not about their unconscious. They don’t have to on account of the deeper them knowing more about what they want and are capable of then their tiny ‘living in my head’ self which remains at the big self’s mercy until they realize that in consciousness size don’t matter. Thank you, friend. Barry […]