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Movie Stars Don’t Die (Not For A Long Time Anyway) And None Of Us Do Either

Most folks will expire. They will return to nowhere from now here and they least of anyone will be surprised at their return. Thank you, friend. Barry out. And wrinkles / affixed smiles are an option too.

Thinking Highly Of Yerself Still Don’t Pay The Rent

Most folks have pride. They try to keep it in check though on account of under the right circumstances it’ll kill ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When The Circus Is In Town And The Beggar Will Not Leave

Most folks are indebted citizens. They don’t often get to choose what, why or for how much they’re indebted though they just pay to play. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

At Times He Considered Pulling The Pin But There Was More Than One Pin To Pull

Most folks occasionally feel like quitting. They wonder if this is as good as it gets and if it is what else is worth getting? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Suit Dude Said That’s Not How It Works. Everything Keeps Going Up And Up.

Most folks understand rise and fall. They see it as plainly as winter and summer unless they live in Carcerated. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

She Was Right As Rain On Her Own For Sure But In The Herd Was Easily Lost

Many folks know about influence. They understand that crowds seldom display wisdom which leaves plenty ‘o room for the director of group think. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Only Way To Avoid Mutilation Was To Man Up & Open The Out Door

Most folks are ravaged by existence. They suffer indignities willingly and struggle against dark forces on account of being surrounded and waay outnumbered. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Anyone bursting their own bubble would rest easy with their vitals and genitals intact. Several of Custer’s troops took the whole route out when it was obvious […]

Even Buffalo Bill Couldn’t Save Sitting Bull Once The Native Cops Wanted Him Dead

Most folks seek a long peaceful life. They desire it sometimes against the wishes of their compadres and their co-conspirators who will put a man in his cups to manage length. Thank you, friend. Barry out. From Custer’s Fall  by David Humphreys Miller page 198

The Boss Is Bad & Safety’s Secondary So Soon We All Worked Dare.

Many folks take chances. They wonder if there’s some number which must come up and if it has to come up, when? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Making Or Breaking? The Uniforms Are Different.

Most folks know history. They imagine it a one way streat. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And Even If You Must Penetrate Bushes, You Come To The Spot We Said

Many folks sneak through life. They don’t place themselves on the same level as most levels. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Harry Chapin – Cats in the Cradle  

There Ain’t No Bills For Ten Times The Taxi Fare

Many folks know all about inflation. They complained about a blow-up bed. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Harry Chapin–Taxi

Darbage Is Waste You Eliminate Yerself

Most folks consume. But, they seldom consider what they don’t consume. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Never before in time have so many burgers bin warped and wrapped. Crossfade – Colors      

There’s A Bend Ahead Drive Around It!

Most folks play safe. They participate by not taking chances when time has proven that loopy weaving a string can have good consequences. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude Thought Of His Mother A Thousand Times More Than He Said Said Said

Most folks have parents. They intend to love them more than their grave-site but its… real… busy… now. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

After The First Umbilical Cord Is Cut Everyone Stays Connected

Most folks feel separate. They have no idea how lost they are. Thank you friend. Barry out. Amos Moses – Jerry Reed

Dad Sat There Watching Us Fight Cause He Brought Us Here To Do That Rat?

Many folks know about synergy. They eat the stew without understanding who or why it was made. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Don’t You Dare Keep Shit Private

Most folks know something. They unfortunately and sadly keep to themselves shit that should be more forthcoming. Thank you, friend. Barry out. The Marmalade – Reflections of My Life – Vietnam Vets

Greed Blinds Peripheral Vision And Slowly Snags Every Insight

Most folks have heard of nuclear power. They seldom investigate the down side of the whole deal though & that makes a hot future. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Fuck we have some stupid ideas. San Onofre: Internal letter reveals Edison knew of defects at crippled reactors but misled federal regulators to get expedited license […]

When Dude Started Arguing With Himself She Was Conundrums All Around

Many folks enhance their awareness. They often do so without realizing how stupid it can make them feel. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Hypocrisy Sure Runs Real Deep And For This We Have No Boots

Most folks try not to fib. They get lied to all the time but hey are yer kids perfect? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Obama’s Watergate – Stefan Molyneux on The Peter Schiff Show

Remember When Your Thick Skin Comes How The Others Are Still Thin

Most folks imagine. They just don’t direct it from as far away as they could. Thank you, friend. Barry out. One Fine Morning-Lighthouse

The First Few Things Birds Said Were Important But Tweets Were Old News Now

Many folks speak several languages. They seldom yearn to learn fowl language though because they don’t see the tweats. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus  

With The Right Ingredients Good Shit Happens. Its The Same Formula For Bad.

Most folks know about fate. They think she’s the one responsible for the happening of shit. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio

They Took Clothing, Scalps And Horses But Threw The Money To The Wind

Most folks lose their life. They don’t offer it up in accountability where it can always be found. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

On Sail Or On Sale, Something Still Being Purchased.

Most folks move. They can’t imagine winding up where they started. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

And When The Lead Dog Shat The Following Dogs Fought To Lap It Rat Up

Most folks get hungry. They may not know what they are hungry for though, they just are. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Living With A God Who Is Not Within Causes People To Go Without

Many folks believe in a higher power. They often lose themselves in the middle though which means waay more time on their knees. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Spontaneous Compulsion Smells Like Freedom But It Ain’t

Many folks employ retarded thinking. They act as if by instinct but its waay heavy on the stink. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

So The Judge Chewed Dude A Brand New Arse As If Another Asshole Would Help

Most folks have been lectured. They often wonder during their tongue lashing if the lasher knows just how fruitless lashing can be. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Man slapped with 120-year sentence after courtroom outburst, taunting