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Staying Where God Wants You

Pretend you are a fuckwit. A moron and a gloat. Pretend you’ve nothing to offer. Then think about your oath. Your oath. Your oath… Just think about your oath. To UPHOLD life. Against all strife. And now, apparently, you’re in it. It’s time for you to bring it. Sing or just wingding it. But Madame […]

The Stupid Future And Past

It hit him in the gut. Right. In. The. Gut. Weren’t no ifs, no ands or buts. There it was and just because It was there, he could see it. He could feel it, be it. Let it run amok. Or he could look away. Go and play. He could really not give a fuck. […]

If You Open The Door For God He Will

The Devil makes you do stuff. You don’t want to do. And God, he wants whatever you want. Cause God, he works through you. Satan works in other folks. Via tempers they can’t control. They stab you once maybe fitty times And you don’t ever say whoa! … See, God and Lucifer, at your beck […]

The Deadly Lack Of Imagination

They didn’t think it was a bear. Just the shadow of a rock. Cause this bear never growled And it never, ever talked. It just cast this shadow. Not much there to know to Run this way or walk all day But some who say It’s a bear alright. We need more fright! And get […]

Everyone Wants A Slinky

Shh! No talking! No whispering, too! No damn winking or Smoke signals, you! An En Dee Aye. You sign today. And then you say Nothing. Keep it to yourself. You got bills to pay. You like dat car okay? Maybe your lips stay Close Ed.

In Liarland

When his lips were moving And his mouth was on this side. One could hear the fibs a tumbling. And, once in a while, collide. They painted a sunny picture Full of sunny, sunny ways. But the sun will gladly take your sight And leave you in a blinded daze. He lied and lied and […]