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Dawgs Without Attention Equals Tension

Jesus you rip shit up. You toss it around. You bastard up the whole fair ground. And shit wherever you like. But the shit you like ain’t right. Falling forward. But falling, still. Do what you want. Do what you will. But buddy stay off dat pony.

Deep Shit

I saw the crap around the sphincter muscle of the belly of the beast. I saw good men go bad. I saw greed deny safety, hurt people and beat down moral. I saw murder in my brother’s eyes and he was looking at me, his disagreer. My god, I saw waste. Theft. Saw lying and […]

Good And Evil Explained

She loved to hear her mother laugh. Memories causing present laughs. You’re in the moment, not the past. You’re shining bright but it won’t last. Step on your brake or hit the gas. It all adds up and pretty fast. Your numbers put you to the test. There is a number of the best. Six […]

Reacher Overreacher

Ten years I’ve been writing this blog. A decade of ramblings and ideas as they came. My frustrations. Dreams and in-betweens. And what has it brought me? Only to the tracks where I can lay my ear And listen carefully To see if anything’s coming.