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The Ghost In Our Machine Is Us

Drool: Day thirty-seven so sweet & cute and Day twenty nine thousand you disgusting old beggar What matters most – the message or it’s delivery system? Marshall McLuhan said the medium WAS the message and yep, I agree with him in the same fashion that hopping into a car or boarding a train actually means […]

Ezine Article Stats Update November 20, 2010

For my author friends who are developing themselves as writers on ezinearticles, here are my most recent stats: Seems that learning how to get new ideas is just a tad more important than learning about duct tape… Hmmm. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

For My MasterClass Friends – Weekly Ezinearticles Stats Update

This is a Picture of my Soul My dear reader, how I love thee. Unless, of course, you are a guy – then its only like… 😉 I must apologize to you right up front for this Inside Post which will not be very interesting to you unless you are an author or interested in […]