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Oh. My. Fuck… Intent Matters.

Jesus woke up on the wrong Side of his bed. Pissed at bed and Wore a skid mark two days old. Jesus hit the hard streets hard And what did Jesus behold? Fuck ups. Half wits. Assholes by the bushel. They all lied and Jesus tried To lie and out lie all them. The devil […]

Life Listen Too

Hey signal boy Where your joy? Come on down to a plant floor. Got more even than you score. You good for A witty? Reppin’ your Fitty? Not gonna quity? Won’t doin’ dippy? Say what you want cause life listens. Life will squeeze out every dickens. And dick heads… say, Pricks, are they crowding your […]

When You Start Thinking About Microbes

God ain’t give a hoot about what you think. God’s okay with you still being a fink. She could give two shits if you drink. Screw around on your husband. Beat the hell out yo’ wife. God don’t even think twice. Ain’t saying naughty or nice. God ain’t naming no price. Give ’em shit, it’s […]

The Never Ending Show Has No Audience

The world on the other side Of this door Is still there. I don’t see it. I can’t hear it but I know that world is there. On the other side of this wall There’s a world. On the other side of this book There’s a world. If I stub my toe and break my […]