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If We’re Playing With A Full Deck Why Not Let Everyone See All The Cards?

Remiss would be too nice a word to describe moms and dads who disregard the safety of their offspring. Keeping your trap shut when folks you care about face danger ain’t an option for caring guardians. In fact, the lack of concern for charges is tantamount to causing wrongful death and Every adroit employer, commander […]

HogWash Is Easily Spotted From A Distance

Fukushima plus so and so. Probably eighty-something. While this is quite the load of gibberish now, later on, if there is a back, looking upon it will make sense. F 83. Like the day before Nagasaki, we will recall this time with relish. Cause we’ll all be hot dogs then. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Tell HeadQuarters The Emperor Has Bad Breath & Likely Diarrhea Too

I am sick. So very, very sick. Sick and fucking tired of putting up with the shit sandwiches we get fed from our “leaders” about the state of our world. Today – May 31, 2011 – I found this quotation from an aricle with this title: G-8 leaders agree on need for better int’l nuclear […]

The Monstrous Schadenfreude of The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  Three blind mice. See how they run… Today – May 17, 2011 – the planet watches as three nuclear reactors melt down at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. This major disaster is unprecedented and after two months running, the best minds that nuclear energy is able to muster cannot figure out how […]

Yes, There Are Nuclear Gods so Pilgrim AVERT YOUR EYES!

Omnipotent nuclear beings exist. And like the lords of oil and money, they are always on the job. Their pressing desire today is to ensure that you and I redirect what tiny bit of attention remains under our control. These tempestuous Rulers of Nuclear strongly encourage us to look far afield, away from their fantastic […]

Anyone With Neophobia Is DEAD!

Most folks these days are in head down / arse up mode. The Amish figured out how to make this work for a short time but now everything is different. Today we exist in an era where “what we don’t know” will turn us into cadavers faster than you could click a Geiger counter. This […]

How Propaganda Works by an Anonymous California Reporter

From the forums on the Department of Nuclear Engineering University of Berkeley, California website National Desk Rejected My Stories On Fukushima Submitted by So Cal newswriter (not verified) on Thu, 2011-04-21 02:20. I write for a national newswire and am based in Southern California. I wrote two stories a few weeks ago on Fukushima and […]