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Yer Not Like Me

Yes, I brought you into this town. But you’re a clown. And no circus. Think we are here to just jerk us?! From one reality to the next? You bin hexed. An tryin’ to put the spell on us!

Ruff Sets

He looked McDoglass in the eye And barked McDoglass! Why Dawg?! Why?! McDoglass sighs a little sigh Then turns them big eyes skyward. Could no more be a lie herd For tunderin’ jesus… Dare, he dare was! By gosh it’s dah manna de hour!

Play The Game? Or Make A Game Of Playing The Game?

Reality’s not deep. Your country doesn’t love you. Your neighbors want your lawn short. To thy neighbors you must be true. What else you gonna do? Be an outcast? How long’d that last?! Like water in a bucket With your fist out. You can not shout. Or flail all about. Suck it up now You’re […]

Correlation, Please! Lead Me Not Astray.

Once upon a time there was a pump. This pump pumped shit. Shit that was made in various places somewhere the pump was not. On the pressurized shit side was a field. This field distributed the shit so it wouldn’t pile up. Piled up shit is not good. One day the shit makers discovered the […]

Trapped By Insects And Homemade Wine Inside This Damned Old House

Ya got Kraft Cheese Whiz. Your one kay gee jar. Normally couldn’t steal the bloody stuff for, Eight nine-ninety nine, maybe Seven ninety-nine and now FIVE NINETY-NINE witha FOUR JAR LIMIT! (That’s eight if we wanna go in separate…) And me stuck here causa Damn wine and insects! Maybe could you get my wheezy? Thank […]

I Want My Stories To Speak For Themselves

And they can pay any fines And do any time They need to ’cause They stand alone! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lord Don’t Git Me Outa This Place

You sir, are having a bad day. Not that it couldn’t get worse. Instead of you smouldering brightly inside You could be coinage in a goddamn purse! You could be customer #1 in a hearse! You could be crap comin’ out some stupid yap The choice, Bubbalouie, is yours. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Holy Transference Badman!

Boy got kicked inna ass. Papa ain’t take no sass. You grow uppa be a man someday. Ya lucky boy, ya juss ask. Thank you, friend. Barry out.